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Founded in 1958, Florida Institute of Technology. is a Private college. Located in Florida, which is a city setting in Florida, the campus itself is Urban. The campus is home to 3,629 full time undergraduate students, and 2,822 full time graduate students.

The Florida Institute of Technology Academic calendar runs on a Semester basis. In the school year the student to faculty ratio was 13:1. There are 303 full time instructional teachers. Degrees awarded at Florida Institute of Technology include: Bachelor's Degree, Masters Degree, Post-master's certificate, Doctor's degree.

Quick Facts

Acceptance Rate61%
Application Deadline
Application Fee0
SAT Range1060-1260
ACT Range24-29

Admissions at FIT are considered Selective, with ,35% of all applicants being admitted.

In the school year, of the students who applied to the school, only 8 of those who were admitted eventually ended up enrolling.

88% of incoming freshmen are in the top half of their high school class. 57% were in the top quarter, and 24% were in the top tenth. You can apply online.


We asked, and students answered these important questions about student life at Florida Institute of Technology.

“We”re apathetic”
“We know about current events and vote”
“We participate and encourage others to get involved”
“There”s nothing we won”t protest”
“We save it for the classroom”
“Sometimes, but not often”
“There”s usually intelligent conversation to be found”
“All the time, including weekends”
“I”m always terrified”
“I only go out in groups”
“I usually let someone know where I”m going”
“I feel extremely safe”
“We don”t play sports”
“We play recreationally”
“We bought the gear”
“We live for the big game”
“It”s not really our thing”
“Occasinally we gallery crawl”
“There are a variety of opportunities”
“We”re a very artistic group”
“Haven”t met them”
“Available in class”
“They keep regular office hours”
“They”re always available”
“No greek life, but other groups to join”
“There is some involvement, but not a lot”
“Plenty of people join a sorority or fraternity”
“It”s everything. If you”re not greek, you”re a geek”
“We”re not into drinking at all”
“Maybe a little, but it”s not a big thing”
“We only party on weekends”
“There”s some drinking happening every night”
“Never, we”re here to learn”
“There might be people who do”
“People are known to partake on weekends”
“There”s a huge drug scene”

Florida Institute of Technology REVIEWS

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  • How would you rate on-campus housing?

    105 Students rated on-campus housing 3.7 stars. 15 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate off-campus housing?

    64 Students rated off-campus housing 3.9 stars. 0 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate campus food?

    111 Students rated campus food 3.4 stars. 19 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate campus facilities?

    119 Students rated campus facilities 4.1 stars. 34 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate class size?

    119 Students rated class size 4.5 stars. 59 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate school activities?

    118 Students rated school activities 3.8 stars. 30 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate local services?

    118 Students rated local services 3.8 stars. 31 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate academics?

    119 Students rated academics 3.9 stars. 37 % gave the school a 5.0.

What's your overall opinion of Florida Institute of Technology?

47 Students rated Florida Institute of Technology

Taylor - 11/14/2023

From the moment I stepped on the campus I felt at home, the entire school atmosphere is very community driven. Throughout walking the school I was amazed at how diverse the culture was, and how many different groups of people interacted and enjoyed each others time. Overall I feel Florida tech has a great community atmosphere that provides a safe learning environment for students .

Kevin - 03/25/2022

Florida Tech is not only a world-class university, but a unique community of likeminded Panthers past, present, and future. All who accept this academic challenge seem to excel greatly after college. My undergraduate experience paved the way to accepting my dream job. Now a Panther for life, attending graduate school here was the only option in my mind! United by a relentless pursuit of greatness, my classmates and I have all grown so much because of Florida Tech. Joining this community was the best decision of my life.

Abbigale - 02/09/2022

Florida Tech offers an amazing Aerospace Engineering program with professors who have a ton of industry experience! The professors and staff are very helpful! The dining hall has a great variety of food, after all we have a personal chef. The dorms/apartments are very nice and spacious. You can even see rocket launches from your dorm! This school offers so many great opportunities for everyone! Go Panthers!

Daniel - 02/07/2022

Florida Tech has been my home away from home. The energy the place and the people have is unique and would say that I am as happy as I can be here at Florida Tech. Ever since I started attending school here I felt like my education and wellness was more than covered. It has given me connections and friendships that will last forever and I will forever be grateful to have chosen Florida Tech. My professors have always been caring and helpful and I have never felt like I didn't belong here. I loved the community and how many different clubs and organizations they have, so socializing has been an easy part as well. Overall I don't think I could have chosen a better experience than attending Florida Tech.

Florida Institute of Technology FAQS

  1. What is the Acceptance Rate at Florida Institute of Technology?

    The fall 2020 acceptance rate for Florida Institute of Technology is 61%. That means, out of _____ applications received in 2020 , _____ students were offered admission. The number of males who applied was _____ vs the number of females which was _____.

  2. What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

    the right college is always the one that best suits what you love to do, Not always a highly ranked college is the best way to go. It may be highly ranked in bussiness but not engineering and if you major in engineering then what?

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  3. What kind of person should attend this school?

    Anyone who likes Science, Engineering or Math would do fine here.

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  4. What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

    Although this tech school is small (~3500 students) the class size can get pretty large compared to high school, and the ratio of girls to guys is definately in the girls favor, but most of those boys are gaming or on the computer so us girls can't get their hopes too far up!

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  5. Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

    Florida Institute of Technology is a diverse school that is the start of a student's journey to accomplishing their dreams.

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  6. Describe the students at your school.

    My classmates are friendly, easy-going, helpful, trustworthy, ambitious, strong-willed, intelligent, athletic, and very charismatic.

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  7. What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

    I wish I had known more math like Calculus before I got to Florida Tech. If I would have taken AP Calculus and, then, Calculus-Based Physics, I would have been further along in my college career. In other words, I would have been playing less catch up.

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  8. What's unique about your campus?

    The best thing about my school is the size. There is a 9 to 1 student to faculty ratio, which means the students get loads of one on one time with their professors to discuss class work outside of the class. This also means that the largest classes are no larger than around 50 students; this creates a lot of intellectual discussions within the class that help their education far more than just the curriculum.

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  9. What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

    Theres less girls than boys. And that the academic, specially engineering is prioritised compared to the athletics.

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  10. Describe your favorite campus traditions.

    Research opportunities and accelerated education in all scientific fields. The engineering program is probably the strongest part of our school.

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  11. What kind of person should not attend this school?

    Those who are not technically minded, because it is a tech school, should not attend. There are psychology, english, and marine science departments, however the mechanical, electrical, computer, software, ocean, and chemical engineering departments are MUCH larger. Business majors often come out but that college is still working on accredidation. Transfer students should be wary of higher standards, as they might not have all their credits qualify toward their intended major.

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  12. What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

    the opportunities presented to me to work in my field

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  13. Here's your chance: Say anything about your college!

    There is nothing in particular that makes a university more unique than any other, its the academic community that matters. My university has a very high standard and is located in a town where is a very low social life, this in turn gives each student the opportunity to focus more on academics than anything else.

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  14. What is your overall opinion of this school?

    The best thing that Florida Tech has is the people are of part of it. Professors here are nice and always willing to help. Everyone is ready to be your friend and help you out no matter what the problem is. From an international student’s point of view, I couldn't have asked for better. The first day alone I made many new friends. I feel that the campus is not too small and not too big. It's just right. You can get from one end to the other in less than 10 minutes walking. You could easily cut that time in half on a bicycle. I like this because, walking around everyday doesn't become tiring. It allows me to be able to focus on my studies. Coming from Thailand a lot of people have not heard of FIT. After having explained it to them, and telling them numerous stories they are very interested in it. A couple friends that I know have also applied to FIT. Many liked the idea that FIT offers scholarships. Most of my time is spent either in classes or in the dorms where I hang out with my friends while at the same time get some work done. There is always something going on in Roberts Hall and I am glad that I get to be a part of it. Overall I am proud to be a part of Florida Tech; it is a very good institution of higher learning.

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  15. What are the academics like at your school?

    I would say that the academic standard of Florida Tech is very high. Professors always develop a close relationship with their students, letting them know that they are also human and can always help when in doubt. I don't have a least favorite class as I enjoy the classes I take, that's why I chose them. My favorite class at the moment is Introduction to Software Development II. this is where I get to learn more and more about programming and what I might do after graduation. Students at FIT usually spend 2-3 hours after every class revising what they had learnt. This ensures maximum understanding of the new material. Students here are competitive as they are in any institution. I feel this is a good thing as it makes students work harder and do better. It is not an extreme case where students don't help each other out. The computer science department is excellent; the professors and the students. There is a strong relationship between everyone, and that is what I believe helps to bring student grades up. In some classes there are times where you will be with your instructors outside of class. This semester I chose Intro to Ocean Eng. as an elective and I have spent time with my instructor in the wave lab working on building an ROV. The education is that is offered in FIT, is there to help students get a job in the future; however, it is also there for the sake of learning. Each professor loves what they do and tries to enforce that into students as they teach.

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  16. What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

    The stereotypes of the students at FIT would be nerdy. Being at a tech school, you do have the kids on the smarter side of the spectrum. The stereotype does apply, but to some extent. Since this is a school that focuses alot on the sciences, the students here usually have a tendency to have interests in the 'nerdy' subjects such as star wars, sci-fi, star trek, that sort of stuff. But that doesn't necessarily mean that every student that is nerdy has no social skills. Although, yes, there is quite a handful of students at FIT that don't have any social skills whatsoever but are ridiculously intelligent, most of the students at Florida tech are very sociable, just with a higher interest in intellectual matters. Just don't be surprised if a conversation of quantum mechanics strikes up in the conversation.

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  17. What are the most popular student activities/groups?

    Gaming, concerts.

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  18. Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

    There are two very popular places to study, do homework, and work on projects on campus. The library is my place of choice to study and work on projects. The second floor offers a computer lab where many students meet to work on group projects and the third and fourth floors have private study rooms to meet up for study groups. The second popular place to do work is the new study lounge on the second floor of the engineering building. The lounge is open 24 hours and comes equipped with private study rooms and rooms to practice group projects with large flat screen monitors to display presentations. The lounge also has a common study area with books available, television, and more tables and comfortable chairs towards the back.

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  19. Why did you decide to go to this school?

    It offered me a good scholarship and i liked the small class size.

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Student Diversity

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All students must apply yearly for financial aid. This process starts with the FAFSA. Though financial aid deadlines vary by school, it is a good idea to apply as soon as possible. For the upcoming school year, you can apply as early as October 1 for the FAFSA. Additional school aid will be dependent on the FAFSA results.

97% of students attending Florida Institute of Technology receive some sort of financial aid. 22% were awarded federal grants. While 46% received federal loans. Many students do also need to apply for additional private student loans.

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