Top Ten Psychology Schools

The following top 10 psychology schools are some of the best in the nation for future psychologists and related professionals. Jobs in this field are highly in demand and degrees from this institution will put you in the best position for the top careers. 1. Harvard University: Opened in the 1800s, nearly two centuries after the university was founded. 2. Stanford University: Stanford ranks first in the psychology field. 3. University of California – Berkeley: This Bay Area school is a top 10 choice for many different subject areas, including psychology. 4. University of California – Los Angeles: Known as one of the Top 10 Colleges in Psychology. 5. University of California – San Diego: UCSD is known for excellence in the psychology curriculum, particularly in regards to its experimental psychology program. 6. The University of Illinois: Ever since the program was founded in 1893, the psychology courses at this Midwest school have offered a wide variety of choices including industrial-organizational, biological, developmental, clinical and quantitative. 7. University of Michigan: This is one of the top 10 psychology schools for many reasons, including the variety of programs and the incredible lectures that the school hosts. 8. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities: This school’s psychology department was founded in 1919, which is relatively young compared to some schools, but they were quick to rank among some much larger and older schools as one of the top 10 psychology schools in the nation. 9. University of Pennsylvania: This is where you will find the oldest psychology department in North America, which has produced some of the nation’s preeminent psychologists. 10. Yale University: There is no denying that Yale is a top school for any program, including psychology. Specializations are offered in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, clinical and developmental psychology. Any thoughts? All of these are Ivy Leagues. Do you have a list for State universities? ashley, you can check state universities' website to see if they offer the program. my neighbor is taking psych at csu-fresno.