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Spencerian College-Lexington

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What's unique about your campus?

My school was not listed on the menu of schools. I attend Sullivan University. Sullivan has given me a new passion for pursuing my education. I have a renewed sense of self-worth. My teachers are helpful and attentitive and know each student by more than just a number. My school is very personal and interactive. I have had the same few professors my entire time here, and I have really grown to respect each of them as teachers, and as attorneys.

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You all didn't have my school on your list but, I attend Strayer University. The best thing about my school is that it works around my work schedule. It is geared toward working adults that want to further their education, but still have to work. I work two jobs and go to school and Strayer was the best option. The professors are also their to help and give advice forschool and real life.

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