The Art Institute of Houston Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is a lot of fun and our professors are actual professionals or are actually in the field we're studying in. I love the creative freedom they give us and the small classrooms insure that we each get one on one attention from our professors.


The Art Institute offers very individual based courses. They make sure to maintain the size of the class to ensure that you are getting the best possible one on one education for your money. It makes it so much easier to learn with this curriculum, unlike other institutions that cram as many people as they can into a classroom. It is very nice to work in a calm and concentrated environment from day to day, knowing the instructor will always be readily available.


I often find myself talking about the diversity of strudents that attend the art institute of houston. At my school, there is a great diversity between ethnicites but the greatest thing is that everyone is open minded and willing to make new friends. Each quarter I look foward to meeting new people and sharing diffrent aspects of knowledge with them. Some people that you meet at the school know things that you would have never knew about unless you saw or did it for your self but some of these people help bring that element into the school.

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