The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Everything is always so care-free. The teachers are understanding and definitely try to help understand everything, the assignments usually have some point of creativity involved so that they all have a personal touch, and I love how a lot of the majors, no matter how different, can always find a way to help each other out with different things and intertwine their knowledge and talents into projects.


I brag that its a pretty big school, they have small classes and the student houseing apartments are nice and big.


I love that its hands on. I'm always working on recording a song of my own or with someone else. So many people sit in a classroom all day brain dead from pointless infromation. In my classroom there dull moments or lost faces. Every minute im am learning how to record music in a real studio. My goal is to become a audio engineer and i believe the best way to do that is hands on. During the time i am learning i also get the benifits of working with my own music.


I go to a fast paced school and will be done in three years instead of four. I have better teachers because they actually work in the field that they are teaching and are up-beat on everything. Plus, I can drive there in less than ten minutes even in rush hour traffic.


The teachers are awesome and really listen and work with you to give you the best education. The school is on a beautiful campus that is well maintained. Students are constantly reinforced in their career fields by trips to museums and different group activities that teach about working together. Every quarter the school has a art gallery show that sometimes includes the students work. Through-out the hallways, you will find school work up on the walls from students. Overall, this school is a great school when it comes to teachinging in your chosen career path.


The great education they have and how fun the teachers and classes are.

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