Abilene Christian University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Mostly christian based population, but range in ages from 17-65.


A student who is LGBT would most likely feel out of place just because of the fact that this is a Christian campus. Students are required to go to chapel so a LGBT student might feel uncomfortable during that time. Most students wear whatever they feel is most comfortable in, however, a lot of girls wear leggings or track shorts. I don't feel like there is judgement on what people on campus wear. I think there is people of all financial backgrounds because of scholarships. Since Abilene Christian University is a private school, there are some well off people but there are also some people who are on a ful ride scholarship, usually because of athletics.


My classmates started out as strangers but have become my family.


My classmates are a diverse group of people that love education, hate education, athletes, non-athletes, willing to learn, not willing.


All of the classmates at ACU that i've become friends with are easily the most friendly, charming, and welcoming students on the campuses of Texas.


There is a very diverse group of students, with different perspectives on many subjects, yet we all have common interests that allow us to relate and grow together as a student body.


The classmates at ACU are very kind as a general rule, and its difficult to not make friends with many people here.


My classmates are people who recieve a lot of support from their parents and are passionate about their beliefs and studies.


My classmates were friendly and helpful to help each other with everything such as tutorial or group study.


There is a huge diversity in my classmates because there are all ethnicitys, different spiritual backgrounds and religions, intelligence levels, variety of nationalities, and mostly there are a lot of people who are here to serve the Lord and find their purpose.


Classes at ACU are small so you notice when people are missing, classmates care about eachother and reach out to help if an individual has missed multiple class sessions. Classmates are competetive, but in a friendly way and use eachother as study tools.


Students are very Christian, and very conservative. I wouldn't recommend you to come here if you are a rebel punk party kid. Or if you are gay/lesbian. You would not fit in. Students are very friendly though. I've made a lot of good friends here. The people are good looking too!


Very diverse and entertaining. Fun and energetic to some extent.


At Abilene Christian University your classmates are dedicated to what they are studying, extremly intelligent, motivated, and hard working.


My classmates are caring, generous, and demonstrate a strong faith in God.


they are kind, fun christians.


My classmates live a christian way of life on a daily basis who always put God and their academics at the top of their list.


My classmates are very enthusiastic about what they want to do in life, and their careers.




My classmates at Abilene Christian Universtity were people that I got along with the majority of my attendance there, they were caring and were intrested in me and my well being, they were unlike any other people I had ever met before.


My classmates challenge eachother to think for themselves in a loving and caring maner, support one another when times are hard or easy, and grow together spiritually and academically.


they are very nice and friendly and ready to help you out in the time of need.


My classmates are all very motivated and helpful to each other, having a drive to succeed and do big things to change our world.


They are eager to learn and willing to do so.


My classmates are helpful to each other.We are a family when one family member is suffering the whole family is suffering.


Informed and interested people with the same interests as me.


Individuals who are open and interested in learning


Christian, white, middle-class, ACU legacies.


My classmates are very friendly. it usually takes time for everybody to warm up to each other, but once that happens everybody gets along because the classes are so small.


I love my classmates beause there is such a large variety of people here!!


For the most part, everyone is in their field because they have a passion and a vision for what they want to do in life and are ready to learn.