Abilene Christian University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I honestly don't know. When I tell people I go to Abilene Christian Univeristy, people are enthusiastic because it's known for its academics and good morals, or their first question would be, "where is that exactly?"; however, people often try to keep a composed face and say sarcastically "That's in Abilene right? That's a great town."


Abilene Christin Unveristy is best known for its Christain vaules. the school is very reloigus, the school soley riles on God as "The way" and the "Guider".


the christian enviornment


Abilene Christian University is best known for its love and community. Their strong faith base community acts as a great incentive to those that are looking for a place that they can go to feel as if they are family! The classes are small and intimate enough to be able to keep the learning experience our first priority.


For its amazing Christ like relationships, while students are enrolled. The experience is enhanced, by helping students keep their faith while attending.


Abilene Christian Universtiy is known for its Biology and Science courses and also its friendly community. ACU has a great acceptance rate and a pretty good graduation rate. After graduation, most students are bombarded with potential job offers and internships. The community on ACU's campus is very diverse, so this means you will meet people from all over the world and all different countries. The diversity on campus makes it ACU. Christian leadership is taught to every student which helps develop a friendly campus.


They are best known for football, eating area, chapel,the great teachers, and the divers campus


Abilene Christian University is known for being a God-centered school reaching students all over the world. In fact our mission statement is "to educate students for Christian service and leadership throught out the world". Many students that attend this unviersity are from different countries. They are known for allowing people, no matter age, nationallity, or ethnicity one is, the opportunity to learn and grow not only mentally, but physically, and especially spritually. ACU has been around for more than a hundred years. It started in 1906 and has flourished in troubling times with help from God.


It's drive to expand the culture of the university and desire to create breakthroughs in teaching styles.


Religion and a friendly atmosphere. Meeting your future spouse


Our track and field team is generally ranked number one(1) in Division II NCAA.


Education and their friendly teachers who have a God-fearing teaching method.