Abilene Christian University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?




They are amazing, the professors are personable and are very willing to help you.


My department is business and the faculty is always willing to meet with you about class work, how to study for tests and even personal things. I have met with my professors about a future career choice and also about how I can do better on tests and quizzes. Class participation in academics is generally expected from students. The professors want to see their students engaged and present in the lecture. My favorite class is my Management class with Dr. Vardiman. He has many words of wisdom that he shares with the class. It is a challenging class but it is not impossible to make an A in his class. My least favorite class is my biology class. I don't like the way that the class is set up. WE have lectures every class but most of the stuff that is in the lecture might not even be on the exams.


Academics are great! Classes are relatively small, professors know you by name and actually like talking with you. Some of them will even invite you to their house for study groups! ACU is also a very respectable school and has a good reputation. Maybe not as good as UT or A&M, but still up there.