Abilene Christian University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone. It may be a Christian school but anyone can and should go here. It's an amazing school and so much to offer.


I think that any person who would love to be surrounded by love and warmth should attend this school. Abilene Christian University focuses on the community within the school that attracts anyone who would love to be a part of a support system. Any person who is willing to open their mind to a religious based college should come to this university, because it is a great way to grow with God spiritually and mentally.


Someone who is serious about an education based around a Christian faith. They focus heavily on honestly and intergity, and if an individual does not have those qualities, they will have a very difficult time succeeding at Abilene Christian University.


People who attend Abilene Chirstian University should be open minded and respectfull of the opinions of others. Even though A.C.U. is largely recognized as a church of christ university, many diffrent denominations as well as people of diffrent religions attend and thrive under the universities structure. With a smaller student to professor ratio, A.C.U. offers a kind of community that is rare in most of the world. For those seeking a community, new friendships, new expierences, and a connection that you can not recive with most state universities than Abilene Christian University welcomes you.


At Abilene Christian University, we take pride in our authentic Christian environment. If a person is to enroll at this school they should have an interest in exploring and connecting with God. They will also be willing to create relationships with professors and other students during their time here. Establishing relationships with God and the professors is what makes ACU different. The person must also have the desire to go above and beyond their school work as well as wanting to get involved with organizations across campus and in Abilene.


If you enjoy more one-on-one time with teachers and staff, then Abilene Christian is the school for you. The professors here on campus care about each and every student in their own special way. Some teachers will help students after class, some with invite their classes to their homes for dinner, and some will sit down and encourage students who need to talk. By having a great faculty, it helps the students be more successful in school and want to be here.


The person that should attend ACU is a person that is interested in having an impact on society. ACU places a strong emphasis on community involvement because they want their students to be aware of the injustices that are in the world, and they want to prepare their students so that they can be the ones to address these issues.


A student who want to be in a community and be involve with people who believe in the same faith. Who wants to make life long friends and have a huge family. This person is open to opportunities that they would never execpt to be offer and excited to be apart of this campus.


ready to learn


A person who is open. This school strongly encourages students in their Christian faith and broadening their perspectives through helping others and going abroad. If someone were closed off, they would miss out on the good experiences this school is trying to give you.


There is not a specific kind of person that would attend this school because this school is intended for and welcomes different kinds of people; however, the people who already are attending this school all change for the better willingly, therefore, people who are open to change for the better are common on this campus, but there is not one "kind of person" that is more abundant than another.


The type of person that should attend this school should be religious. They should be open to meeting new people. They should like classes that are taught from a religious aspect. The type of person that should attend this school can truly be any type of person because the students at Abilene Christian University are so welcoming to any new person no matter what.


Anyone that wants to keep their relationship with the Lord.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be a hard working student, dedicated, and to be goal oriented.


Someone who enjoys community. If large classrooms overwhelm you, I would definitely look into such a small school as this one. It was easy to get to know people in my dorm, in my classes, or even around campus because it's a little bit smaller. In all the classes you'll definitely be an individual to your teachers. They remember your name, face, and abilities. It's a really great feeling.


Abilene Christian University is a great school for students who are seeking a thorough and innovative education. The professors care very much about their students and strive to help them succeed. ACU is up to date with techonological advances and incorporates the latest methods of technological learning initiatives into their curriculum. ACU is a very spiritual school that aims to help you develop your relationship with God. While it's associated with Church of Christ, the school does not force the particular beliefs of that denomination on students.


Abilene Christian University is a place where believers and non-believers alike will feel accepted, as well as be taught crucial life lessons. ACU students are not classified as one distinct type of person, and they do a tremendous job of not excluding anyone of a different faith background or religious upbringing. It is not a university filled with narrow-minded Christians, rather a school that creates opportunity for exploration for all types of interested students.


A person who desires to be in a strong Christian-based community and who also loves to be involved in social/service activities.


Students actually interested in learning and getting ahead in life.




People who are looking for a small but still active and engagind college. Also, people who want to grow spiritually.


Somebody who values a very involved college experience with a good social life during his or her college years that will not affect the very important academic aspect to college life. Somebody who will enjoy a very spiritual experience as they form a foundation to help them for the rest of their life out in the real world by themself. Abilene Christian is open to chanse to create a better learning atmosphere and better methods of learning so openess to change is important as well.


People who are willing to seek God and learn from others. People who are willing to look past outward appearances. People who are eager to serve others on campus and in the community.


everyone fits right in. there is always a place for you to get involoved in. If you like family/close community


A student who has a desire to attend a school with both a strong christian background and a strong academic department. Someone who like to be challanged and who likes to give back to his/her community.


A person who's open to new things like diversity, teachers that challenge them to think.


The type of people that should attend this university would be a upper class family.