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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk with myself about the transition to college life, I would make sure that I told myself it would be just fine. I would let it be known that there will be many obstacles that will always want me to surrender and go back home but they are also the motivators in my life. The transition to college where you do not know anyone, and you arre by yourself will terrify you, and at times you will want to stay in your room, but there are so many things you will be missing out on. Enjoy the people that come into your life because they will be your best friends and you will share so many memories together. Call home when you need to because they will make you feel so much better. Do not be afraid to leave home and worry about the friends you arre leaving behind because they will still love you when you get back. Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, transition is weird but it has great perks if you would only let go, and simply be.


Move past West Point and the military, its a dead end for you. Next item on the list: Learn to study. I know you've heard this for years, but it is very true. Even if classes are easy at first, a few points here and a few points there can make a big difference at the end of the semester. Commit yourself to the classes you attend, and bouncing off of that line, make sure you attend the classes you've committed to! Learn to accept your circumstances, don't be angry at the situation. That doesn't mean be resigned to fate, only to get over unattainable or impossible and move on. Regret may never go away, but it shouldn't hold you back from doing anything else you may set your mind to. We are only hindered by our own inability recognize potential. The potential is always there, its only a matter of recognizing and accepting it, after which anything can be done.


I would have told myself to take advantages of the opportunites around me and to be content in where I am at, because those experiences will prepare me for the future. The opportunites I have in the future would not seem so challenging if I take advantages of the opporutunities in high school. In order to accomplish this, getting out of my comfort zone is a vital step as awful as it might feel at first. Compared to the uncomfortableness, the benefits are bigger for me and the people around me as well. Another vital step in this process is to be in the moment rather than always looking forward to the future. Having the habbit of looking forward to the future will make one forget the present. As a result, we do not fully live in the moment and will miss the opportunities right in front of us, because our minds are somewhere else. The last thing I would tell my old self is that we do not know what the future holds, so make the best of what is now.


In high school I was your typical nerd; I studied hard, kept to myself, and worried way too much about what other people thought. If I could go back to my senior year the advice that I would give to myself would be really cliché, but it was advice that I didn’t listen to while in high school. I would tell myself that “it all gets better” and that “high school does end”. In high school I thought it would last forever, and I was so insecure and self-conscious about my body and about not fitting in that I didn’t really live. Once I got to college I became more confident and started to make friends and just enjoy life. I realize now that high school would have been so much better if I had focused on myself as well as my studies. The main piece of advice I would give myself is that “you have to accept yourself first before others will accept you” and that “not accepting yourself is not really living life to the fullest”. Now that I have accepted myself and become more confident my life has truly become a life worth living.


"Hey Alicia! It's you from the future - I've come back to give you, well me, some advice. You know those several scholarships you're applying for? Make sure you put way more effort into those essays than you have been. Yes, it's really easy to write a 500 word essay about why you should win the scholarship, but put a couple of days of effort into it. Make sure it's an actual essay and not a list of what they want. You won't receive that many if you keep doing what you're doing. Also, try to find some more outside scholarships for the second semester of college. Oh, and break up with Kai. He's just going to keep doing what he's doing, so break up with him and date Chris so you won't have any regrets. Some more advice for your, my, last year: don't get so stressed, it'll all work out in the end. When you're buying things for your dorm room, don't go overboard. Just buy the necessities and call it good so you can save your money. Well, that's all - see you later!"


If I could go back in time and talk to my eighteen year-old self, I would begin by saying, be very appreciative of things now, because college is a whole new world. You may be annoyed with parents, swim team, and high school in general right now, but you WILL miss it; don't take it for granted. Next, I would say, be 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} confident in who you are and don't change for other people. Having experienced freshman year of college, I know it is so easy to let your self-assurance dwindle, and before you know it, you've lost who you are in the crowd and noise of those around you. There is only one you, you have things to offer that no one else does. If you spend all your time trying to get others to like you, you forget that the people that don't like you when you're being yourself aren't the people you need to be hanging out with. It's just like Dr. Suess whimsically says, " Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind."


If I could give advise to myself in high school, I would have told myself to learn good studying skills and to participate in class discussions more. If I had done these two simple tasks, I feel I would be excelling more in college. When I started classes at ACU, I had to learn to manage my time differently than I would have in high school. I also have to participate in my classes for a grades and to show my professors I understand what I am studying. Some of the discussions are built off of topics cover in high school. If I had studyed more in high school, I feel that I would have more to contribute to class discussions from my prior knowledge.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would have a number things to give advice about. First off, I would tell myself to apply for scholarships as soon as possible. I started applying for a majority of mine in late October, early November and did not get nearly as much as I needed. Secondly, I would tell myself to spend a lot more time with family because I do not get to see them near as often now. In addition, I would also advise spending more time with my friends, because again, I do not get to see them near as often as I would like. Finally, I would warn myself about the difficulties of adjusting to the new college life style. I would say that there will be a period of time when you want to just leave and go back home because nothing is familiar, but just push through because change is a part of life and it does get better with time.


Sitting down with my high school senior self, I would hope that I could tell her alot. The biggest thing that I would tell her to do, is to apply for as many scholoarships as possible. To not get discouraged when she didn't get one or didn't hear anything back from them. I would encourage her not to get down on herself anymore and to realize that she has a whole lot of potential. More over, that people will actually recognize this potential and talent and will be willing to work with her. I would tell her to be more open to try to be more social. I would tell her that everyone has their own story and own difficulty that they are dealing with. I would tell her that being a B average is more than okay. That not everyone can make straight A's adn that everyone is not expecting her to do just. If I could go back and tell myself this, things would be diffrent and probably in a good way. But at the same time, all that struggled with because I didn't know these things have made me stronger than ever.


If I could give advice to myself as a high school senior with my college experience it would be to become even more involved in the community and to step outside my comfort zone. Being involved in the community provides opportunities to be taught work ethic and opens many doors for scholarships. Community service not only benefits you, but also your whole community. I was involved with my community only through National Honor Society and Lions Club, but I wish I took the opportunities from my local church to help those in need. Now being in college, I see how community service taught me work ethic and I wish I had done more so I could have established better relationships with the people I worked with. I wish I went out of my comfort zone to help and connect with more people, rather than working at the same charities and food banks. With this advice, I feel like I would have more relationships and opportunities during my college career.


If I could go back in time there would be three main things that I would advise to myself. First, I would tell myself to keep my grades up because it makes a huge difference at the end of high school. For example, grades can affect what colleges you get accepted into, which scholarships you can apply for and how much you receive from those scholarships. Secondly, I would encourage myself to save as much money as possible so that I do not have to stress about it during college. Lastly, I would advise myself to make the best of college by studying hard, making great memories, and building friendships along the way. In conclusion, becoming a college student is a huge transition but it is one of the best experiences a person can have in life.


To my high school self, i advice you to never give up. Searching for the right college is very hard but with dedecation a persictaint comes rewards. College is something that we need money in order to attend, butvthe vaule of a college education is more than everyone could ask for. Everything in thr world is not free, inlcudnog an education, but an education can help you achive a obatian greatness, Eduation is a value a currency itself. That is why we should all have it becausse it is important to have. If i had the oppurnity to start over knowing what i know right now i would be a much better person,and i would be someone who would not make mistakes. In my final remakers to myself, I would just like to say that i am pround of you for making the scarfices that you have made in order to get to this point, because an education is the highest point that you would make for yourself.


First of all, I would have advised myself to push myself harder for scholarships and applying to different schools. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to attend ACU; I wish I could have gained more financial support for college while still a senior and remembered about all the scholarships available. Second, I would have advised myself to study harder for Biology AP, a class I dropped. Finally, I would have given myself a pat of the back everytime I aced a test and had a great time with my classmates and teachers during instruction. Having fun and learning are beautiful things to experience together; I can only imagine how engrossed I will be when I achieve my educational goals that lead me to my dream career.


How's it going past self. I know you're a little nervous about this whole college thing, but coming from yourself a year in, this ought to put your mind at ease. You do awesome. Sure there's a trial or two along the way, especially first semester, but as long as you stick to your friends and studies, the year's going to go by like a breeze. I know you're stressing out about finding a solid group of friends to stick with throughout college. You'll be pleased to hear that your easily a member of at least three of these groups by the end of the year! Now finally, and perhaps most importantly, don't let welcome week stress you out. You're going to meet at least a couple hundred people during this time and it's OK to forget a name or two. Plus you meet most of your friends after welcome week anyhow. Now get on top of those job applications and have fun at ACU because I sure have.


I would go back and tell my high school senior self that it is okay to not have everything planned out. When I left high school I had my college and career planned, but that changed very quickly. I would want to tell myself to explore all options and not to be discouraged when people say that your major will be depressing, because if you listen to those people you will talk yourself out of a major and career choice that is fitting for you, but not for them.


If I were to go back to my senior self, I would make sure I filled out as many scholarships that I could. Especially going to an expensive private school, every penny counts. I would also advise my younger self to take on more responsibilities around the house. When you go away for college, you have to rely on yourself to get things done, such as cleaning dishes or doing laundry. I would also remind my senior self to reflect on who I really am. It is easy to conform to others around you in hopes of fitting in, but in the long run, you won't be happy. The key to enjoying life is to be yourself. It is with this that you will also find lifelong friends.


I was a very active student in my high school's senior class. My final year in my high school was filled with fun, friendship, and laughter. Furthermore, I was significantly invested in a relationship that I had begun that year. It was in large part due to these aforementioned relationships, that I was reluctant to begin a new part of my life in college. The first year that I was enrolled in my university, I travelled home too frequently to make close friends and build meaningful relationships. If I could give my high school senior self some advice, it would be to wholeheartedly invest in the people and communities in the university, without completely neglecting my high school ones. Fortunately, I learned this lesson after my first year, and I was able to thoroughly enjoy my time in college. However, I missed out on a lot of new adventures with vibrant college freshman because I was afraid of losing the friends I had attained previously in high school. If I could give my seventeen-year-old self advice about going to college, it would be to live fully in the present, while learning from, and not forgetting, the past.


I've got news for you. College isn't as difficult as you think. You've always been good at school, and that won't change. My advice to you is to not let the academic facet swallow you whole. It's important: after all that's what you'll be paying for. But academics aren't anything. You need to spend time with friends too. During the first few weeks of school, all you'll want to do is to study because of your fear of messing up this amazing opportunity. But this is the most crucial time to make new friends and build connections. If you're holed up in your dorm room with only your textbooks for company, you'll have a difficult time finding people to hang out with because everyone will have already found their niche. You're allowed to spend time just having fun with friends because college will be over before you know it. The most memorable parts will be those fun times you had with friends, not all the nights you stayed in with the books. Don't study constantly: you'll do great. Just don't forget to have fun.


Here is some serious advice past me: MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOOKING AT COLLEGES NOW. Don't procrastinate on anything that you have to turn in. Save up on money and don't spend it on useless stuff such as (jewelry, junk food, or new pants). When choosing classes, make sure you get a rountine schedule. Such as starting with 9AM classes all week, NOT 8am and then the next day 1:30PM. Get a heater for the dorm room in the winter, trust me. MAJOR IN information systems! You'll like it and the classes are great! Do a physical activity like Zumba it'll keep us from being victims of "Freshmen 15". Do not procrastinate on your school work! Just work on your stuff in the library! Send more letters to your family, they really miss you. Especially mom, she really miss you. Make tons of friends and do not keep yourself locked up in your dorm room. Also try not to be shy to anything, just give it your best! You're going to be just fine and will be on track to the career you want and keep your family updated!


Tia, don't. Don't skip classes, don't mess around when you do go to class. Just go, do your work. Get extra credit if you messed up on an assigment. Don't take Mrs. Davidson for granted. Most of all, take your SATS and ACTs. Go to a doctor about your anxieties, get help ealier. Get good grades, so you can get into any college you want after Butler. You need to know that college is better, but it's not easy. You have to listen, you have to study. You have to turn things in on time. You have to devote yourself to school, not just work. School is important for what you want to do, because you can't ever do it unless you have a degree. It's gonna be difficult but you'll make it through, and you'll thank me for pushing you through it all.


Work hard and stay on top of your studies


Get ready for a lot of challenges socially because people are not the way the always appear. Remember guys are better friends than girls.


Hey, man I see what dad means, about being hard headed, how we, well I, am unable to give up, how the sights get set and it's like I'm a guided missile that won't stop until it hits the end and explodes. I know right now you have your sights set on becoming a mechanical engineer but listen, you have to rethink this decision. Look at me, you're future self, I'm not an engineer, I ended up switching to political science and honestly it's the best decision I made. Dad's right, listen to him, he sees what you don't, what I didn't. Before you go off and apply for engineering look at your grades, they're all geared to poli. sci. and you'll do great. I also want you to know one thing, mom is going to snap, she's going to be very unsupportive, but listen, if you have a problem you're going to have resources and people to help you, dad is gonna be one of them. Oh, and when you meet Tara don't play it safe, just go ahead and ask her out.


I would tell myself to create better study habits and practice orangization and time management. I would tell myself to take school more seriously and to really work on my grades and gpa. I would tell myself to push my high school self to my limits to ensure that I am creating the best envirnoment for myself educational wise. I would have told myself to start applying to scholarships early in my high school career so I won't feel so overwhelmed. Over all I would have told myself to study more but to also have fun and make lasting memories.


Ghosts of College's Future If I were given the chance to give myself advice at this time last year, I would tell myself about the things that will really matter in the future. I would emphasize that spending time with my family is much more important than friends because I will miss them a lot more than I think I will next year. I would say that even though my high school friends are great, I will find even better ones in college. I would say to enjoy not having to do homework because next year you will have tons. I would say to save more of my money because in college you will be broke. I would say that, in all honesty, you need to lower your expectations for college because it is nothing like what you see in movies. And I would say that even though college will be nothing like what you expect, it will still be a great adventure of trying to figure out what you want in life and learning to rely on God for everything.


Don’t be afraid. In high school, people, including adults and people my age, would intimidate me. I look back now and see that there was no was no reason to. This doesn’t mean that we should not respect others but it means that we should not be afraid. Other people are just like me. They are going through life like I am. Some do have more experiences and are wiser than others but that shouldn’t scare us. I look back and see that because I was afraid I had limited myself.


okay, know you are about to graduate high school good job making it this far but the next big part of your life is coming college!!!! I know you are super exicted, and nervous but there are few things you need to know things like study habits, and most of all grades/homework. So i know the first year is fun and there are lots of things going on but it would help if you got a study habit in. This helps you balance all the fun and your schoolwork so that way you can maintain the grades you want plus the social life that comes with meeting new people . It will also help you in the long run because college classes just get harder over time. Lastly the homework and grades is all up to you the parents will not be on your back about getting it done it is all up to you. I know this sounds crazy but your grades can effect your gpa which counts toward graduaton school. The dorm life is a big transition because you are sharing a building with other people which could be something new to you.


Jacque, I know that right now you are fearful of any drastic changes. You are comfortable with how your life currently is, but little do you know how much leaving this comfort zone is going to do for you. Remember learning about Plato's Allegory of the Cave in English? It is applicable to your life right now and you need to expand your horizons because there is so much beauty left in the world for you to see, I know how cliché. Do not be timid because you will meet people that will change your perspective on life. Be open minded to ideas that you are not familiar with. Be willing to learn from not only your professors, but your peers. Be ready to stay up late studying for quizzes and exams that you know you are not prepared for. Take advantage of "sleep time" because you will need all the rest you can get. Eat healthy and stay active because you will not have mom's healthy cooking anymore. Overall, just be ready to experience life in an entirely different way, grow, and feel uncomfortable often; you'll eventually find that discomfort does not always remain umcomfortable.


Jasmine, GET IT TOGETHER YOUNG LADY! I know the work sucks, the classes are long, the teachers are annoying, but you can do this! Once you get to college, its a whole different world. Its so many exciting people to meet, not all are friendly but most. Think of, how proud mom will be. She always told you that you could do it you cannot let her down. Think of all the new things you'll learn, imagine all the opportunities that furthering your education can bring. I'm telling you this because I know you can do this. I see you're slacking on your work but if you pull through, once you graduate you will feel much better. No, I'm not saying college will be easier but guess what? No more waking up at 5 to be on time, you pick your schedule. You can work, you can join so many clubs. College is the place to be, trust me. So nomore excuses. Pick your head up, get this work done and get yourself prepared. I promise you wont regret it!


I was completely ready to be off at college; however much of what I experienced made me wish I had done things differently while in high school. Studying is never an option in college. If you choose not to study, you choose to fail the exam. All through high school I studied for tests, but never pushed myself to the fullest. With college exams, you will always need that extra push. Another of my biggest regrets is the use of my time. My senior year of high school I had so much time on my hands that I wasted. I took two dual credit courses to get me ahead in college, but that was it. With all that extra time, I could have taken more and pushed myself to be ahead now. So, my advice for all high school students would be to take full use of your time. You do not have to take extra classes, but do not throw it away. Prepare yourself for some hard work and late nights ahead of you. Continue to push yourself to the max. Study, read, reread, and do it all again because you can never be too prepared.


Make as many friends as possible. Explore your opportunities and make sure you have an idea of what you want to do. Make sure you prioritize your time and balance friends, grades, and sleep to the best of your abilities. Make the best of every situation and STOP PROCRASTINATING. Get things done as soon as possible because you feel better about yourself. Do not forget to read your assigned readings. Get a planner and use it every day for every assignment. Do not get tempted into straying away from study time to slack off. On top of all of your studies, do not forget to excersize. Stay healthy and off the snack food. Do not expect anything to be easy and be prepared for the best time of your life.


Laura, you're a very smart girl. Focus. Focus on yourself and your education. Don't let others influence your decisions: educational nor personal. Nothing is more important than attending class and finishing school. There will be times when you'll prefer fun over studying, but remember to manage your time properly and set your prioritites. Your education comes first. I know that right now, you have a lot of pressure to continue your education and earn a bachelors to help, not only yourself, but your family, as well. Just remember, in the long run, it's all YOU! Focus on school, attend your classes, study! but do it, for you and nobody else. Believe me when I say, it's not going to be easy, but I promise that everything will be fine and rewarding, as long as you do me that one favor. Focus on your studies and do it for YOU! You'll do great, meet new people, and you'll have fun. I promise. Just manage your time and set your priorities. I wish you luck. You can do it!


I would tell myself to continue to fallow my heart. Even though I had to go through some rather difficult times in my home life and grow up a lot quicker than most people my age, which was 17 at the time I graduated at started college, it was all worth it. I would tell myself not to lose hope or give up, because no matter how hard it seems it does get better. I would also say to forgive those who hurt you the most, but even more importantly to forgive yourself. To relize that there is only so much you can control and to leave the rest to God. To continue to grow and learn, and allways have a servents heart for those around you. And I think the most important thing I would say to myself is to love the life you were given, because it is beautiful and their are people who love you just the way you are. So enjoy and relish it because you only get it once.


Learn the little things that are seemingly common sense- how to change a tire, how to do laundry, how to keep up a bank account, things like that. They do not teach you that in school, but it is some of the most helpful things, they are the things that you need to know how to do well to succeed on your own. These things should be taught in the class room, but since they are not, go out and learn on your own!!


ONLY choose the school that you would be interested in going to! This is the place where you will grow and flourish as the responsible adult that you've always dreamed of being. Choose wisely!


Do not choose a college based on where your friends or who you are dating. Choose a college based upon what you believe you want to major in. Do the research and find out how that school rates in placing graduates with your intended degree plan. Although it sounds exciting to go off to college with your friends, this choice will affect your ability to gain acceptance to graduate school or job placement opportunities upon graduation. Make sure that the school you choose fits your learning style and your goals. There is nothing worse than choosing a school for all of the wrong reasons and then having to transfer. Many times the classes taken at other schools will not transfer to your new school. Basically, what it all comes down to is taking the time to investigate the school that interests you and making sure that the school fits the person.


I have given this idea much thought before. What would I do differently if I had the chance? My high school years were spent on my studies and my family. I didn't give my friends the attention I sould have. I would tell myself to enter in more extracurricular activities and have more of a life outside of just my family. I also would have told myself to have more faith in what I can do. I had little confidence in both my artistic ability and my qualities as a leader. Now in college, I've better nurtured both and given myself more confidence. I wish I could be who I am today in high school.


There are three pieces of advice I would give my soon to enter college self, if I could go back in time and deliver such advice. I would recommend the following: starting or joining conversations and activities often, getting out of the dorm room or computer lab often and approaching these situations with confidence. On campus, whether in the classroom, the dorm room or elsewhere, there will be great numbers of new and interesting people to meet. Engage with them, and make friends. Don’t expect them to initiate every time. Start conversations yourself and be part of the conversation, not just an observer. Get outside often. Go to ball games, movies, campus events, etc. Invite friends to do things. Join with others who are doing things. Video games are not the only things you can enjoy in your free time. The relationships and experiences one can build in a little time with others could last a lifetime. Most importantly, approach life with confidence. Ask questions. Share thoughts. Make an honest impression in other’s lives. If you simply go for what you want, you’ll be surprised at how often you end up getting it.


If I were to go back in time as a high school senior know what I know now about college life and making the transition I would give myself a lot of advice. First would be to study a whole lot more than what I did in high school. Second, is that although college is about having fun and making new memories, set your priorities straight. Third, is to know to never lose your faith. Count on God to get you through everything because He wouldn't bring you to it if He couldn't get you through it.


Advice that I would give myself as a high school senior, is that everything seems a lot scarier when you first start out. The campuses seem huge and the people seem so mature. However, you are more capable of adjusting and becoming independent then you give yourself credit for. Classes are not as difficult as they seem, and professors are more than willing to help you succeed. Time management is important, and make sure you get to sleep! Most of all, you will love college and the community that surrounds you. You will grow and mature so much during the year, without even realizing it. Enjoy what you have and where you are every moment.


I would advise myself to try harder in my classes in high school as well as take some classes at a community college so that I can come in with some extra credit hours. I would also advise myself to be prepared to study a lot more than I did in high school and to come into college not being shy. To put myself out there and not be afraid because it is another chance to start over at a new school and make new friends.


Honestly? I wouldn't tell myself anything. I am a firm believer in the "independant lifestyle" as one might say. With adversity comes change, or so the old saying goes. After all, who can learn properly if they aren't forced to go through new, and challenging things? If I go back in time to talk to myself as a senior, 1) I'm creating a time paradox that is always recommended against creating, but 2nd and most important, I'm robbing my old self of the things I had to go through to become mature enough for college in the first place. So in short, I'd allow myself to experience the cause and effect of my choices in high school, in order to grow from those experiences. And plus, I'd hate to accidentally erase myself from history with all of that time travelling.


Stephani, You know how everyone said senior year is the best year of your life? Don't believe them; it only goes uphill from there! This year, you're going to experience lots of changes. Your boyfriend will leave for the Air Force; don't freak out. You end up marrying him, and the letters you exchanged while long-distance will comfort you forever. In January, you will get hit by a drunk driver. Remember to keep pushing through and stay optimistic, you'll be able to walk and go back to school in no time. LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! She'll become your source of comfort and best friend. She knows what she's talking about; in those moments when you think you'll never raise your children like she has, forget it. You'll be lucky if you're half the mother she is. Work hard in school, spend as much time with your friends as possible, and never take life for granted. Keep it up in college and you'll make the dean's list! You go, girl! p.s. That boy that broke your heart didn't deserve it. Stop wondering. Much love, Your future self.


Start looking into applying, scholarships, and jobs well in advance.


As a high school senior, many thoughts are going through your mind. Which college will I attend? How will I pay for college? Will I lose all of my friends when I move? If I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now about college I would not have made the mistakes I have made along the way. The transition from high school to college is pretty complicated, but it can be accomplished. First, if you want to be successful do not do what everyone else is doing just to make you "cooler". Just because everyone is doing something does not mean you have to. Second, cherish all of the little moments. Friends will come and go but that is why it is your responsibiltiy to keep in touch and keep them and the memories close. Last, do not be overwhelmed by the big classrooms. Just like in high school, people are here to help you so take advantage of that. I moved 900 miles away from everything I knew, I made lasting friendships, and now i know that there is a man for me. I just had to learn and live through everything in between.


If I could go back to highschool and give my self advice? I would tell myself to go to college right away and travel later. I know everything turns out the way it is supposed to, but man have a chosen the hardest way to go about things. I'm know at the age where I'm supposed to be getting married and having children, or deep into my career perhaps, but no, instead I'm stuggling through my first degree like a 20 year old. This is life and I realise that, but if I could go back I would deffinitely do things a lot different.


To be completely honest, going back to my senior year I would have not made any changes. As a senior in high school, I was chosen by my counselor to be apart of a program called AVP (Area Vocational Program) where I took up what I thought was my destined major in criminal justice at the community college while I was in High School. This transition was probably one of the most increadable things that has happened to me. Remenissing back to high school if I would have never taken that offer to start college early, I dont think I would be in such great of shape acidemically. Coming out of high school I graduated with a 3.2 GPA, not bad but I could have done better. Because I was doing something that i loved to do in college though, to this day I stand one class short of my associates with a 3.9. As corney as it sounds I am so proud of myself because I know that like many kids its easy to fall into the wrong boat, but I CHOSE not too. So to answer your question, what advise would I give myself.....Absolutly None! :)


Making the transition into college is scary, but amazing. You gain new independence and really begin to explore yourself. Do not be scared of what college may bring, be excited. Remember that this is the best time of your life, do not take advantage of the coming years. It is hard to be away from your family, if you move away, but you gain the independence of doing things for yourself and making your own decisions. Do go home and visit those who love you and let them see how good of a job they did raising you.


Study hard; you'll need to get in the habit! Enjoy your time with the friends and classmates you have known all your life, because you'll miss the familiarity. Spend a lot of time with your family, because you will miss all those times you spent with them when you are getting ready to move five hundred miles away. But don't be afraid to change. It might seem impossible to leave everything you know, and I know it's hard to imagine it now, but you will love the new life you will find in the future. Just follow your dreams, and don't doubt yourself, because everything will be okay.


My advice to myself as a high school senior would be to take as many chances as possible. Keep an open mind and do not be afraid to put yourself out there. You have the ability to achieve many amazing successes and experiences. Invest your time in relationships, your knowledge, and passions. Be confident in yourself. You are the only thing holding yourself back. Meet people from different backgrounds, and place yourself in uncomfortable positions. Through those experiences you will grow the most. Love genuinely, believe faithfully, and live intentionally.