Adrian College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Adrian College?


People who actually want to learn should come here. The professors expect you to pay attention and participate in class.


One dedicated to academics and hardwork.


A person who likes the small, private school atmosphere. Someone who wants to be apart of there class and not just a number. Someone who wants to have fun because they have alot of cool school events.


Someone who likes small, participatory classes, getting involved with groups and activities on campus, being a part of a relatively small and close-knit school environment and putting up with BS from the administration.


Someone that is looking for a small friendly school where they can actively engage in the classroom as well as on the athletic field


A hard working, athlete who devotes most his time to sports and school. It isn't all that bad here, but the social life isn't thriving, it is an all athlete school and people normally from groups with their teams. So you really have to love the sport you play because it has to fill the gap that forms from a lack of social life.


There are a lot of sports people for a school that is soposedly mainly focused on education.