Advanced College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advice you to listen, learn and study as much time as possible; college life is diffferent than High School, and I would not want you to stay behind in your studies. Education is very important for every individual, prepare yourself for many long hours of studying and stressing. Although, collge is stressing it will lead you to a great future. At the moment you do not paying attention, you do not show up to class, and you do not care about educating yourself. Friends and cheerleading are more important to you, but when it gets to the point of paying rent and bills friends and cheer are not going to be there everytime your short on funds. I was always taught that whatever one does now affects the future. I would not want to see in the wrong road and advice you to stop being irresponsible and stop living the day without looking into your books. Life is hard and its either you study, pass your classes and educate yourself or keep the non-studying and be ignorant. Life feels better when one is educated and ready for many obstacles that will come in our way.