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Allegheny has a focus on discussion and the free exchange of ideas. In most of your classes you will be required to do more than simply absorb the material, you must react and be prepared to write or talk about it. In addition, as Allegheny is a small college the community is very tightly knit. People are active and engaged and its very easy to connect with others.


Allegheny brings together a very special community of students. Walking around campus, I get the sense that I am part of a distinct group of people that care about their success and the success of their classmates. Everybody is extremely friendly and caring. The administrators and students alike create an atmosphere for growth that is unparalleled by any other university I considered. While many liberal arts schools have the ability to bring a small group of talented and intelligent people together, few are as cohesive and universally genuine as that of Allegheny.


Allegheny College has a close-knit community that encourages you to be who you are. Although we are a small school it does not always feel that way - we have a big community and a big spirit. The value of education you will receive here, as seen with our alumni, is second to none.


Allegheny had a very diverse group of students. Because of the small campus and small town atmosphere, everyone socialized with eachother. Allegheny had activities for all types of interests including the outdoors, music, art, sports, etc. The professors were more than willing to help every student succeed. The campus is beautiful during all 4 seasons. Meadville is a small town with lots of little restaurants , shops, parks, and fun activities to do. Kids come from all over the country and even the world to go to Allegheny, so it is a mix of many cultures!


It?s a academically challenge school with very strong moral and environment values. Its one the best schools in the country for the money




The atmosphere at Allegheny is distinct. While most colleges are trying to establish more urban setting - self-styling as "wired" and offering a myriad of survey courses - Allegheny keeps to its traditional roots. The focus on liberal arts - getting solid foundations in core curriculum - ground students in academic pursuits instead of allowing fickle interests. That it is able to update its facilities and technology without forgetting the foundation of education - the liberal arts - Allegheny stays original in its consistency.