Allegheny College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk about my school to my friends, I brag most about our "unusal combinations". There are no general education classes that all students have to take. You can go right into the classes that you need to fulfill your major or if you are undecided, you are able to take any class you want. Also all of the majors are sepearted into 3 different cateogories and the one rule is that your major and minor have to be in different categories. This helps make each student more well rounded and special.


I love the research I do in the biology department and I think the faculty and facilities in the department are great.


I brag most about Allegheny’s open attitude and well-rounded academic vision. Allegheny is truly a place for students to discover themselves and find what their passion. My school provides students with a multitude of pathways to achieve their wildest dreams and they do so with an open and accepting attitude. They are truly focused on making their students into the best people they can be by the time they are graduates. They equip us with the tools and experiences necessary to outshine our competition. Most importantly, these beliefs are steadfastly held by every member of the Allegheny community.


While talking to my friends about my school, I tend to go on about how almost all of my professors were always so eager to teach their subjects and have the students understand the material. I felt that they really cared for each and every student which helped me want to go to class more and made me feel more comfortable about being away from home.


I usually tell my friends that I am being challenged in an all-around way. You're not only learning about the vast material given in class and for projects, but also the best ways to time manage and live on your own. This college also allows you to be who you are: a young adult. There aren't visiting hours or gender-seperated dorms. Residence life trusts the students enough to be the adults they really are.


The people I've met, including faculty, staff, and other students. Overall, people are willing to help each other and work together. Most of my professors have been fantastic, and I enjoy being able to go to them with any problems I might be having. The community is definitely supportive, as long as you are an active supporting member as well.


The potential to do absolutely anything. I studied abroad, worked on campus, joing organizations and helped run clubs. Allegheny College can help you realize your full potential, and then support you as you strive to fulfill it.


How awesome the faculty it is and how easy it is to get involved. for example i have had the privlege of singing to the trustees of the college at their meetings.


When I tell my friends about Allegheny, I brag about my professors. My favorite professor took me and seventeen other students to England to study theatre last summer, and while we were there, we discovered that he is one of the most renowned professors in his field (all the academics in England knew him). Other professors loan me their personal books and have invited me to dinner at their homes. I have personal relationships with many of my professors because they are accessible and clearly care about their students. Not everyone can say that.


Living in a small town is very easy on the budget. The small unique restaurants have great meals for a small price. The social scene is also very cheap. Allegheny has free movies shown (new releases) on the weekends, a movie-rental store, game room, coffee shop - so with no money at all, a student can have a very fun and activity filled weekend.


Allegheny College is renowned for being an academically challenging school; so it is rewarding when I can brag to my friends about how well I did on a difficult project or paper.


I tell them about the people that you will meet here. I have met my best friends and I feel like there are so many different and nice people on campus. I tell them that you will never have a conversation with an unintelligent person. Everyone is accepting of other people's opinions and you are never afraid to share your ideas.


small classes, great professors, good academic, study-abroad programs and career advising. Friendly students. pretty campus. Research that often gets put to use in local community.


The environmental program is really amazing. The faculty is awesome and the environmental initiatives on campus . The school is near a national forest.


I brag most about how academically challenging the school is and how good of a reputation we have.


The thing I usually brag about the most to my friends is the size of my school, I love it. And also how there is so much help in all areas needed at my campus. Especially with getting a great job after school, internships and volunteer opportunities. I also like the ratio between the students and teachers. As well as the one-on-one time allowed with professors to have a better aquaintance with each teacher individually, that's so nice.