Allegheny College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Allegheny College?


Small groups of people tend to be very vocal.


I do not believe that I received proper career counseling in college.


The Price.


Housing and registration. Every year it is a hassle to complete both, but in the end it works out.


The most frustrating thing about Allehgeny is the cost of $46,000 per year. I am paying $25,000 a year to attend, and will be left with $100,000 in debit when I graduate.


Meadville is not a bad place to live, but a lot of the things are not easily accessible. The mall and the movies are far without a car and that bus transporation system does not go to any of these places. It is hard to go out to eat anywhere off-campus.


It's hard to get off campus.


Honestly, the most fustrating thing about my school is the price. Every year the tuition rises and the scholarship I receive from them stays the same. The tuition this year has reached $40,000, it's ridiculous. I absolutely love my school, I am just not looking forward to having to pay back student loans since my parents are not in the right financial situation to assist me.