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The unique thing about Allen University is that many scholarships are available to students of all backgrounds. That makes it easy for students like me who do not qualify for Life Scholarship or Pell Grant.


The unique then about Allen Univeristy is the science department, english department and the work study program. We have great professer in both fields, by the way the professor teach and by the way they help out on any thing a student need. The work study program made me a better person. My supervisior tought me how to organize an officer and tought me how to file paperwork in order. It also help me out to stay organize in my school work. I glad to be apart of my school science and english department as well the work study program.


Allen University is unique because every Tuesday, a movie night is held in the student center and Allen has a lot of options to choose from.


It shares a religious view and course as far as education goes.


I really do not know anything that is unique about Allen University. (Honestly) )


It's a smaller school with a family type atmosphere. My freshman year, all of the students and teachers had a school cell phone so we could communicate.


What makes my alma mater unique first of all, would be its history. Allen University is a Historic black college/ university (HBCU) that was founded in 1870, to provide opportunity for recently freed slaves. At Allen, it is believed that our young men and women who have better preparation will soon grow to be outstanding citizens and great members of the community. The campus is in a location which is close but rite outside of the inner city (downtown). I was considering University of Oregon but unfortunately my scores weren't up to par so I decided on Allen.


What is unique about Allen Univeristy is that it is a small school which makes it easier for many to get one on one help from their instructors . Many of the teachers here are from different races, and are very diverse with what they are teaching, even though it is hard to understand what they say it has me focusing even more on what they are trying to teach.