Allen University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be that the campus is opened to the public. The main buildings are in one area, including our dorms. However, the cafe and other buildings are mixed up within the neighborhood or community. This makes it easy for outsiders to intrude our campus because the campus is not together and gated.


The dorms and social life at Allen University is the worst part. We are not treated as adults, but as students in the prison system. Many students transfer for this purpose alone. We work so hard and yet we get no type of freedom.


The worst thing about Allen University is it does not have an Army ROTC program. In order for me to have ROTC I will need to do a transit form from another school. Which cause a lot of paper to fill out for each semester to be in the program. for instinct I go to the school that have the program financial and then go to their business registeration. I do not mind doing it because this is what i want to pursue in but at times its not organize for me to understand, especially the paidments for the class.


The worst thing about Allen University is this school don't have a lot of sports.


I consider my school not having an acceptance requirement as being the worse. By them not having requirements, anybody can be accepted. An example of this are these so called "thugs." They're not here for school, they're just here to cause problems, and that takes away from good students like myself. This poses a problem for me, because everytime a fire alarm or trash is found; im fined for it as well as my other colleages. This is very stressful, and hopefully it can be corrected in the near future.