Allen University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish i would have been aware of how rude alot of the students are to the staff and other students. Most of the students are loud and disruptive durring class and distructive to the campus.


I wish I had known that the library at my school was better equiped with information I need for assignments. Instead I have to use my other sources, such as USC's library, my personal computer, and books I may find elsewhere. Overall the service in the library is great, its just that I believe with more funding, it can be better.


I wish I had known that they got rid of the football team, and the financial aid department wasn't going to give me what was promised. Playing football was a big reason for my coming to Allen University. The financial aid part would have helped me very much, so that I wouldn't have to take out all the loans just to further my education.


Before I made my arrival to this university, there would have been numerious things I would have researched more on, about this school. In addition, the view of the inside of the school and the nutrients of their food. This would have made a difference for alot of students that attend the university at this present time. I also wish I had known how difficult it would be just to get books or register for classes. The cons in this school is not worth the tuition.