American InterContinental University-Online Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Aiu provides great flexability and the student advisors are great they stay on the students and try to help as much as they can.


This is great school to go to. If you are a busy person and want to go back to school but don't have the time.


When I brag about my school I brag about my student advisor because she is so helpful and really cares about me.


I brag about being able to complete the program on line and the versatility it gave me to take care of my four children. I gave me the ability to manage my time wisely while learning a new skill in the IT profession. I really enjoyed being able to schedule my own time and using that time to study at a pace that was comfortable to me.


That I made the dean's list


AIU Online is a perfect fit for me because of it's flexible schedule. I am able to access lectures and workshops at my convenience. Also, AIU offers an accelerated degree for those of us who are entering college later in life and who don't have as many years ahead of us to pursue our career paths as some of the younger students.


All the help from the staff.They are very helpful in preparing you for the school work ahead.Thank-you very much.