American InterContinental University-Online Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


AIU is a fantastic school. They are truly passionate about continuing education and keeping students interested in the main goal of graduation.


My overall opinion is that the school cost is high and sometimes the computer system for the classes don't be running. I wish that they had a few grants to help students accomplish their goals.


This is an amazing school. If help is needed there is plenty of support and it is timely and understandable. The instructors are very proactive and when a desperate situation occurs, they are there to help you through it.


I am currently taking my second class at American InterContinental University-Online and so far it is a great fit. I enjoy the flexibility and deadlines that they offer. There is a lot of options if you are needing help on a subject.


All classes on online which gives me the freedom to continue my professional career and hopefully make the advancements I am looking forward to when finished with school in April.