American InterContinental University-Online Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that you can earn your degree completely online and still feel like you are learning in a classroom. Earning a degree online is wonderful because it lets you work at your own pace. Even though you are working from your personal computer, you still can interact with the other students via email or chat. Another great think about online learning is that it gives you the freedom to earn a degree and still live your everyday life. Even if its taking care of your family or working to pay the bills.


Online access was the best format for me.


I can go to class whenever I want to. I will be able to work it around my schedual because everything is on the web site.


The best thing about AIU Online has been my learning experiences and the applicability to my current career. I have learned new information in every class I have taken. The instructors appear to be well educated and know their subject matter. My performance in my career has increased in terms of thoroughness, accuracy and professionalism. Besides the excellent classes I have taken, I am very pleased at the supportiveness of all faculty; from the recruitment advisor, to the student advisors, ombudsmen and financial advisor. They are all extremely professional and helpful.


The best thing about my school is the flexibilty given to students, my class times can be accessed at my convience. The advisors there are wonderfully pleasent, it was becuse of the wonderful costermer service that first made me want o know more about AIU. So far it's a GREAT school!


The learning of new things and knowing you will be able to advance in the future.


The best thing about my school is that there are no tests. All of my grades are based on assignments, class work and real world projects.


It offer the working, family person like myself the ability to continue my education while maintaining a family and job.