AmeriTech College-Draper Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice to my high school senior self would be to make the most of every opportunity, even if it doesnt seem like anything is going to come of it. I think that when students first graduate high school most want to take college lightly, focusing on their social life rather than what is really important. What is the most important should be taking college seriously and seeing it as a great opportunity to better your life. There a few opportunities that I have missed out on because I thought that seeing my friends, or going to the latest movie were more important. When what is really important is taking every advantage you are given, grabbing every opportunity and making a better, brighter future for yourself.


If I could go back and give myself advice on what I know today about college. I would have to say it was the most important time of my life. It was a time of great challenge and rewards. Yes it was fun and exciting but most important was the knowledge I obtained both on an educational level and self-awareness level. I was not extremely focused when I started college. I thought that it would be a fun ride. I did not realize how much effort it would take to be successful at college. My advice would be to use your time wisely, learn great study habits, and make education your first priority. Then after those objectives are achieved and balanced, you can add excitement and extracurricular activities. That doesn?t mean not having fun with friends or study all the time but it does mean set the correct priorities first. Once you have balance both education and extracurricular evenly then you can be very successful in your education and do both very well.


Make a decision on what you want to be. APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS! Save more money so I didn't have to go in debt in the first place.


College life is a fun and exciting time. You will be making decisions that will change your live for the better. Enjoy the opportunities that are there for you. Do not be afraid of trying different things. Be sure to assess your likes and dislikes before you declare your major and once the decision is made then go for it. Some of the classes will be hard and you will need to put in extra study time for these, do it. They are the ones that you will look back and and be happy that you were able to complete them. They are also the ones that you will have learned the most from.