Anderson University-Anderson, IN Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone is easy to get along with and it's nice to be able to pass someone on your way to class and be greeted with a smile whether you know them or not.


My classmates at Anderson University are knowledgeable, vivacious, caring, and passionate about their education.


The majority of my classmates have the desire to do well in their classes, but they also have a desire to better themselves as individual human beings.


My classmates are loving, caring, supportive people who I am honored to know and interact with; they have helped me get through my first year of college with my sanity intact, and I have learned so much from them.


Each AU student is unique and their own individual--they concentrate their attention on their passions and their studies without pushing aside relationships. There is not a stereotypical AU student.


Most classmates are friendly and helpful but beware the brown nosers.


My classmates are people who genuinally care about one another and want to be a support systems for others.




I chose Anderson University because I felt welcome. At a school so small, you'd think that you knew everyone, but you don't! However even if you don't know some people, they're usually recognizable and very friendly.


My classmates were great people to look up to.


My classmates are open to helping others while challenging and working together.


My classmates are generally very accepting and loving towards others.


AU Students are great, caring people who will go out of their way to help their fellow class mates.


The student body here is usually pretty engaged. They participate in campus activities and the community is good. All the time students can be found doing things together and rarely are there any large issues between students. The school and also student organizations make it a point to actively engage the surrounding community and make a positive impact. There are a lot of very creative and innovative people that come to school at Anderson.