Anderson University-Anderson, IN Top Questions

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The open door policy of not only faculty and staff, but other students as well. When you walk through the dorms, all the doors are open and inviting; people are so willing to help. It is a very friendly and welcoming campus. That sensation of feeling at home never wore off.


Because it's smaller than the average school, you connect with the teachers in a way that at times they invite you over for home cooked meals, and extensive study opportunities.


Attending Anderson University has been a unique experience for me because it gives me the opportunity to grow spiritually and apply my faith to my career and life choices.


I looked at other private christian schools, and they were much more conservative. They had a dress code, a curfew, and other rules. Anderson does not have any of those rules, so it is almost as if you are going to a regular state school, it is just much smaller. We do have chapel two days a week, but it is easy to get out of going, and it isn't looked as something exciting to go to. Other schools I looked at were excited to go to chapel, here it is a sleep fest.


There is a very active politcal feel on campus. There are lots of different ideas and discussion happening almost always on campus. Even though it is considered a "Christian" school, there are lots of different ideas about what that, and related aspects, means.


Anderson is above all a close-knit community. We are small enough to be a great place to make friends and know people, but at the same time we are large enough to have good programs. I'd say one of the biggest advantages that I've found is the variety of practice I've had outside the university and in my career.