Angelo State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I feel this school is available for any and all age groups, ethnicities and gender.


Anyone welling to learn.


I think just about anyone can attend the school and then transfer to the college they feel is best at what they plan to major in.


I personally believe that if a student thinks they can attend college without needing to study, as in they are going to get an easy ride, they should not attend college. College is only as hard as one makes it out to be. It can be easy if the student applies themselves, raises questions in and out of class, has time to enjoy with friends. These are the kind of people I would say should not attend this college. It is a great school, but as is in all aspects of life, one must work for successful results.


In my opinion, you shouldn't attend this school mainly because it doesn't prepare you for the overwhelming commercial world once you graduate. You get use to this smaller learning enviroment and then graduate and are thrown out into the big world. It's questionable how well ASU prepares you for the how competitive the career atmosphere can get. You have to become an extremely independent and self focused individual to be successful, but here at ASU the classes are small so there is less competition. It can be misleading to students.


Angelo State is a great environment for hardworking students, but if you are planning on attending Angelo State and simply partying this may not be the school for you. It's a friendly medium sized suburban area that seems crime free, if applicants are trouble makers and or criminals I discourage them from attending Angelo State. But overall if you are not friendly, hardworking, leveled tempered, outgoing or open minded then this University is not for you.


People who do not appreciate a good education and hard work should not attend this school.


Persons who have other full-time obligations should think twice before locking into a full course load at this university. While the academic staff are excellent and there are numerous opportunities to improve one's grades, it is extremely difficult for those who have to provide for families or other obligations to give the full time and attention needed to maintain high grade levels.


If you are very eccentric and constantly wanting change I advise you to not enroll at ASU. People in west Texas are very conservative and closed minded to many fashions and lifestyles.


Somebody that likes the big city life. This is a small town.


can't think of anyone who would be excluded


Students who are wanting to go to school to party it up. You will fail your first year if not your first semester.