Angelo State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Not knowing where your classes are and having everything so far from each other.


Angelo State University, like most other higher education facilities, is experiencing budget cutbacks. While this is not necessarily the fault of ASU it is frustrating as a student to feel the backlash. Often times it feels like maintenance and facilty work gets quick, cheap fixes instead of fixing the actual problem. I also found this frustrating as a student involved in many student organizations. Student organizations never seem to be a high priority for funding from the university.


The school spirit. And sometimes it doesn't seem as if our head officials don't care. We are building to expand, but we aren't helping the organizations that play the biggest part in that.


The food service and quality is awful.


to me there is notting frustrating about angelo state university. its a very fun college to attend.


The most frustrating thing here at this school is that the staff seem friendly and helpful, but there are times when you need help, they just don't deliever or give you the run-around. It's extrememly frustrating for a first-generation college student when you can't get the help you are looking for, or aren't sure what to do because you've never dones this before. I just wish they were more student-friendly.


The need for more administrative personnel. We are recuriting more students every year, and we do not have the "man power" to keep up with them.


The prices of everything.


The parking areas and how they have more paking areas for commuting students and teachers than for those students that actually reside on campus.


Personally, I find the cost of tuition and books the most fustrating thing because school should help you make money, not get into debt.


Besides paying for the education there isn?t much else. It's so hard to work when you have a class schedule above 12 hours and play sports, free time to work is scarce in college and with that being said, the hardest thing about school would be adjusting and adapting to the lifestyle of a college student.


My school is alright and there is noting wrong with it other than it is in a small town and it needs to open doors to different degree programs for people.


That there is still quite a bit of seperation between races/ethnicity of the students. Also the fact much of what is happening on campus is hard to hear about if you live off-campus.


There is very little parking which creates a huge mess in the morning trying to get to class for off campus students.


I wish there more more post graduate career interest here.




To lose my financial aid and fail


Its not big, but the campus is way spread out.