Arapahoe Community College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


A stereotype I run into constantly is that community college students attend community college because our high school grades and ACT scores weren't high enough to get us into a "real" college (meaning a 4-year institution) or that we just weren't smart enough. This is insulting and not true. I know people who were valedictorians of a private school but wanted to go to ACC due to the cost, location, and got into other universities their senior year. Most people I know (myself included) applied to 4-year institutions, got in, but decided we needed to stay closer to our hometown/city, and couldn't afford to go elsewhere. Going to a community college doesn't mean you weren't a good student in high school and for the most part it means we thought about the loans we'll be taking out and made the choice the less the better.


No idea.