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Tell us about the food and dining options.

At West campus, there is a cafeteria that serves Papa John's pizza, burgers, subs, wraps, mexican food, and salad. We also have a Starbucks. The cafeteria can actually be a bit pricey ($5 for a wrap), but some of the options are seriously tasty and its more convenient when you have a full day's schedule. But, there are plenty of places to drive to eat. You have got every fast food joint <5 mins away, and there are also a few really good italian eateries. The mall is only 15 minutes away, as well. I personally, do not mind driving to eat, especially when i am on a budget.

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The Hassayampa, Barrett, and Pitchforks restaurants have food ranging from sandwiches, to mexican food, to pizza. There are other restaurants in the Memorial Union.

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