Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Arizona State University at the Downtown Phoenix Campus is the unlimited amount of resources the students have. No matter what you need there is always someone there to help you. ASU has many tutors to help you with classes, along with you individual teachers. There are student advisors, success coaches, higher classmen, and so many more people who are more than happy to help anyone. If you have a question and the person you asked doesn't know the answer, they will find the answer and get back to you.


I would consider the technology and labs we have available to us. We have real life experience oppurtunities and our professors top knotch in their fields. My school also has a great family vibe where we all feel like a team learning and growing together.


I like that Arizona State University is separated into four locations. By being at the downtown campus, I feel a sense of community because it is smaller. Nevertheless, I still feel part of the university as a whole, like on game days. Even though ASU is the largest university in the country, I still feel like I have the chance to distinguish myself from others.


The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication provides the most beneficial learning environment for students. With the best professors, studios, internship opportunities, and equipment students are given the tools to grow and prosper in any career they choose to forgo in this field. This school sets students up to succeed, and be the the best person and employee they possibly can.


The atomosphere is the best thing about my school. Everyone is so willing and eager to help me in anything that I might need, and while it doesn't always work out, the availability of assistance is very reassuring.


The atmosphere and community-minded attitude.


I believe the best thing about my school is that there are so many resources available to the students to use. Not only that but there's so many alerts and other helpful aids to keep you on track and from failing. I also got the feeling that teachers at my school cared more about their students and their grades than the average college or University's teachers.


For reasons I'll probably never understand, my grandfather (who raised me) managed to impress upon me a love of knowledge and a passion for learning. What better place to go for both than college? Arizona State has also provided me countless opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. The experiences I've received during my time in college, which I've been fortunate enough to share with people I've come to care strongly about, will remain with me for life. In that sense, my education will never truly end.


I really like the diversity of all of the different buildings. It is really inspiring to see art work and photogrophy up on all the walls. I also love the small classrooms on camups. Even though, Arizona State University is a big school, I really feel like my classes are just the right size for interesting discussions and hands-on illustrations from the professors.


I think the best quality my school has is it's technology advantage. ASU provides its students with the best programs, computers, and equiptment possible, in order to prepare them for the work-force. With these advantages students have the top-hand compared to other schools who can not provide their students with these things because when they are applying for jobs, they will know the best programs being used at the time.


The diversity, and the large amount of alumne when you graduate, networking will be easier.


The best thing about my school is that it is located in a downtown area and makes the traveling for classes very simple. All or most of the supplies that I need can be found fairly simple and the people around are more than willing to help in coming freshman. The atmosphere is dynamic and makes a new student feel comfortable and welcome.