Atlantic Union College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My college experience was very challenging in the beginning because it was such a new environment. There was so many things to adapt to. The new teachers, new people, new surroundings, new classes. It was very hard to focus and stay on task with so many distractions. I was having trouble with one of my classes and I went for help from my friends and teachers. I learned that with confidence, faith commitment and determination you will be able to succeed, like I did.


Throughout the two years that I have attended college so far, I have gained many new skills and reasons why my college education is one of the most important factors of my life, and why it means so much to me to earn a college degree. When I first started college, I had to get used to long lectures and quick note-taking. I adopted new methods of note-taking that allowed me to summarize the most important information provided by my professor, as well as jotting down questions of topics I didn't quite understand and needed extra help with. With all the diverse classes I have taken thus far, I have so much more knowledge about the world that I find fascinating, and this has made me choose to get a bachelor's degree in Global Studies. Attending college is so valuable to me because I will be the first person in my family to graduate from college. I want to make my parents proud of me, and advance my education so that I can someday have the career of my dreams.


I've gotten a lot out of my college experience from a great education to new friends. The main reason people attend college is obviously for the education which enables them to succeed in their chosen career field, and I have received such an education. However, there is much more to the college experience such as meeting new people and making friends. The friends and colleagues I have acquired in my college career are far greater and more important then those from high school, and I am talking about teachers as well as other students. It is also important to make connections with people at college because you never know who might get you a job. One of my friends that I met while at school helped me get my current job as a web designer at the company he was working for. With college I may have had the knowledge to work for a big company, making loads of cash, but without the connections and relationships I created at college, I would still be working at McDonalds. There are a lot of valuable reasons to attend college, but I think the connections are the most valuable.


I would say the most important thing I have received from my college experience was the ability to learn from many different cultures in small team settings. In the "real world" when you are put in a work place setting where you are required to not only work alongside individuals from various backgrounds/age levels I have personally seen how challenging it can be for many recent graduates and even those in management positions. However, I have found that because of the various college experiences that I have had, how to get a long with and understand many different kinds of people. I believe that it was my experiences in college that allowed me to be the kind of professional I am today that can understand the dynamics of human groups and utilize that to motivate and create productive teams.


Work hard now, and have fun later.