Augustana College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Pre Med program and strong science-related majors Education major


We have one of the greatest music programs in the area. For the size of Augustana, we have a huge amount of musicians who participate in ensembles.


Augustana College is best known for its excellent music, business, education and science programs; though it has wide variety of other programs as well. It values a well-rounded education and has an extensive liberal arts program.


Producing students that are well-rounded and highly educated. Particular emphasis is paid to the humanities, but a the school has a substantial geo-science program. The campus is intensely beautiful in the fall and during the spring bloom.


Augustana College is best known for being a liberal arts school that provides each and everyone of its students with a well-rounded education. It is known for being a great school and a strong academic enviroment.


Big on communication and science disorders as a major. Business majors are quite a big topic here as well!


Augustana College is known for being environmentally friendly along with great specialties. Pre-Medicine, Foreign Language, Business, and Music are examples of what many students at Augustana specialize in. The campus is small and has a pretty environment around the buildings, especially in the fall.


Music Education, Business, Environmental Studies, Pre-Med, Augustana Choir, Augustana Vikings