Augustana College Top Questions

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offers opportunities and relationships unlike anywhere else


The most unique thing about Augustana College is the fact that we are more of a community rather than a college. Within our majors we all work toward a common goal as a team. Even though all of us are very competitive, we strive to acheive as a group as well.


Augie has a wonderful reputation in the Quad Cities and all over for that matter. I am so proud to go back to my hometown and tell people that I go to Augustana. I feel confident in my chances of getting a job after college because of the education I have received here. During homecoming this year, I talked to a few Augie alumni in my sorority, and they reassured me that they felt more prepared and educated for their job than their fellow co-workers.


If you're looking for a school that offers a challenging classroom education, but that also allows for a social life, Augustana is probably a great fit for you. I came here, because the campus was absolutely beautiful, the students were friendly, but most importantly, it felt like an extension of home.


To really feel what Augustana is all about, you must actually experience it. Come to campus, sit in on a class, meet with a coach or professor, you won't regret it.


The liberal arts education in general is unique. Also, the cadaver dissection lab is unique.


My school is maintaned great. Clean an organized with beautiful building everywhere. The students that attend Augustana have their head on straight so they work hard on everything assigned to them. If you cant make the cut, your out. My school also greatly honors those who work hard both in athletics and academics. We have achieved great discoverys from the faculity and placed all discoverys in our Geoscience for the students to view!