Bennington College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about the size of my college and the closeknit community we have with the seven hundred or so students. I love that everyone knows each other, that we live in houses instead of dorms, that we're active and involved and aware of everything going on, on campus. I love the personal attention in classrooms, the close relationships with faculty and staff. I love the lack of formality in relationships and the tremendous amount of affection built with everyone. I feel like I am at home with family.


We can design our own curriculum, which means that with input from professors and advisors, a student can tailor their education to best suit their long term needs or future careers. This also opens up the possiblity of individual and group tutorials for specific interests, and there is an abundance of specialty courses with very small class sizes.


About all the opportunities I have to create my own education -what I value the most and find most special about the school is that it gives you infinite possibilities, that I am able to study what I truly want to. I am able to develop my mind in a way that none of my friends can, and have the possibility to study things that I never thought could enter my academic life. I am studying what I am most passionate about, not anything imposed, and that makes me strive for more than I ever could have somewhere else.


The hands on experience. Small classes, engaging material and professors. Nudity and the beauty of campus.


dorm rooms, traditional parties, atmosphere, student work