Bennington College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The small class size. The teacher that make themselves avalible. The intriguing and inspiring classes offered.


For me, the best thing about Bennington is the freedom it provides, the independence it promotes and the quality of education it offers. As a non-traditional student, I cannot imagine a college more suited to my needs. After working for ten years in Pakistan and being trapped in a regimented cycle, Bennington provides me with exactly what I need; the opportunity to explore every avenue that interests me, regardless of it's connection to other courses. That I can take a biology class and a voice class simultaneously, is thrilling and liberating.


I think the best thing about Bennington is the availability and friendliness of the professors and students. They really want to help you.


The best thing about the school is (surprising though it may be) the higher rate of attrition. People who are at Bennington just to party will be expelled quickly for not going to class or doing their work. Thus, you are left with a very special group of students who are passionate about their work and strive for the best. This, in turn, is beneficial to my own work as you are surrounded by people who push you to better yourself.


Small class sizes, hand on expeiences, the lack of support and the internships the students must to each year. I feel that all these things really contribute to making the most of your college experience and learning as much as possible not only about the things that you are studying, but yourself. The mixture of intense academic support mixed with the experience of being thrown out on your butt to deal with life by yourself really force a self-created learning experience.