Berea College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell them that not only does Berea College support their students financially but they support them educationally and culturally by challenging them in the classroom and bringing many motivational speakers, orchestras, dancing groups, and other cultural events to campus to challenge and shape the way that students understand diversity


I brag about the scholarship and the laptop the most. Students who are accepted to Berea College automatically receives a scholarship of over $100,000 for their stay at Berea College. It is very possible to graduate from Berea College debt-free. Berea College students receive Dell laptops when they make it to the college and are allowed to keep when they graduate. Not too many colleges give out full scholarships and laptops to their students. I love to brag about these two aspects of Berea College.


The element that Berea College possess that I brag about the most is the academic expectations. Berea College expects a great deal of academic success. I brag about this the most because it allows the prospective student(s) to understand and realize that Berea College is a great school academic wise. I also brag about the mandatory on-campus job. With this on-campus job, you receive money to work in a specified location. This money also is helpful when you need to buy ceretain items for your room, or to help alleviate your semester and yearly tuition.


My school was the first interracial school in the south. We faught for interracial education even when the state of Kentucky passed a segregation law. Also, we were one of the firsts to educate men and women together. We're well respected throughout the country and our academics rank in the top colleges within the country every year. Also, every student on the campus has to have a work-study job. That means we can take care of ourselves because we are the major labor force for the college. We have fireside crafts that we make, too.


The thing I brag most about when talking about my school is how I am not stressed about financial aide because Berea does not have a tuition, and because of my other scholarships i was awarded when I graduated from High School I did not have to take out a loan.


The Finacial Aid and study abroad programs




That the college claims it is cheap even though for a few it is not.


It is a mostly free education being that the give a "full" scholarship to every student. I like the small classes as well.