Berea College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to not be afraid. I remember being terrified that I wouldn't be well liked or I wouldn't be smart enough to go to college. That I would be bullied, like I was in middle and high school. However, I would tell myself that college would be worth it. That going to college would change things. I'd gain confidence, happiness, and a new outlook on life that would bring forth a new me, not the afraid high school senior. I would tell myself to take life and it's oppourtunities by the horns and guide it in a direction to make me happiest - because that's the secret to success in college. Doing what you love.


You remember when you first moved to Virginia? You were scared and shy. You were in a new environment and you weren’t sure how to handle it. You remember how your peers teased you and how the teachers decided to move you out of the class before things got “out of hand.” It was horrible and each morning you cried on the school bus. You didn’t understand why they hated you. After years of the torture, you actually started to believe that you were worthless. You believed you didn’t have value, that your opinion didn’t matter. But, that’s not true. You’re a beautiful girl with a brilliant mind and a big heart. People love you. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but people in college won’t hate you. They’ll embrace you for who you are and you’ll find a confidence you didn’t know existed. You’ll learn to love yourself and see the world through new eyes. For the first time in forever, you’ll be happy. And, most of all, you’ll forgive those who hurt you. Remember, you are worth it. Always remember.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself that life isn't all about partying and hanging out with friends. School is a lot more difficult when you're a working adult. Trying to balance working full time, paying bills, and going to school is not an easy task. If I had known that when I was in high school, perhaps I would be in a more stable place now. Even though I sometimes have regrets, I know that the path that I chose has taught me how to juggle whatever life throws my way. I am more ready now to tackle my nursing education than I would have ever been fresh out of high school. Sometimes it takes people a little longer to find their own path.


FOCUS! Have more confidence in yourself. You have worth and value that is not tied to anyone else. Happiness is found within yourself and it starts with knowing that you are learning skills that will allow you to support yourself and your needs. You always hear that "Life is short" , just remember so is the time it takes to earn to degree even though it doesn't seem like it at the time. Do not waste it or put it off. Life is more difficult than anything you will deal with in college. With time, all things change, so embrace it! Please, FOCUS AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD


I would probably advice myself to study hard, take more social participations, do research about my future school and choose major. Because my friends and I had difficult time in finding match we have spent couple months in searching school that would match our criterias. First of all it is necessary to find what you want not what university wants. Once you find your goals you want to achieve it will be easy to find a school that would perfectly fit you. And practising more of voluntary work and social activities gives a big plus in the application process and if your leadership skills are developed this even gives more reasons for college admissions to choose exactly you among others. And main thing I would advice myself in the past is not to underestimate myself.


As a high schoool senior, I was not challenged enough by my teachers. The courses I took did not stimulate me. No homework was ever given and there was no accountability for class assignments. My teachers woud often give us free class periods. As a result, I underestimated the fact that I could succeed in college. When I graduated, I had little direction and did not have an idea of what I wanted to study. I started out at a community college and through the professors there, I slowly began to define what my future career and professional goals would be. The advice I would give myself would be to take harder courses even if I had not thought I could handle them; reach out and network with high school teachers who may have been able to help foster me in the right direction; and most importantly, I would tell myself not to give up on education because it is a gift within itself- even if I initially did not know what I wanted to study, I never gave up. I worked through the confusion which is why I am currently pursuing a Master's degree


Hurry up and apply. Don't listen to mom about very much, especialy packing. You can make friends anywhere.


From my college experience, I have obtained the knowledge necessary to succeed in my future occupations. Furthermore, leadership and management skills were consistently applied and tested in the various courses I attended in school. Also, the friendships and connections acquired throughout my time in community college are valuable to both my social life and educational experience. Overall, my college experience has taught me two major things: hard work pays off and networking with classmates can dramatically improve classroom interactions. In conclusion, I believe that anyone can begin a college degree; however, those who value a higher standard of education truly obtain any knowledge from one.


I was able to meet a variety of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. I was able to learn how to support myself.


My College Experience Out of my experience, I have received some important elements that are present and effective in my life: state of open-mindedness, acceptance of diversity, and the differentiation of education. As a student of a liberal arts college, I feel it is important to learn and respect varying forms of diversity ranging from ethnicities to philosophies. In order for me to have learned about the diversities in the world, an accurate and non-bias education was a necessity. I have learned to accept diversity because I have learned to become open-minded and the education I am receiving helps me with my open-mindedness. The three aspects of my college experience are intertwined because acceptance of diversity is being open-minded, being open-minded occurs when an education is not prejudice, and differing types of education is an acceptance of diversity. These types of attributes are valuable because when I leave this institution, I will a mentally diversified individual who can make real conscioius contributions to and for my environment. Berea College has taught me to respect and accept diversity with my education duiding my open-mindedness. My experience has thus far, been a life changing experience.


I have gotten a reality check from my college experience. I realized that the minimum done to get by is not an option in college as it was in high school. It has been extremely beneficial to attend Berea College because I was able to have a first person point of view of college life. I also noticed that college is quite difficult if you do not maintain focus and keep your academic abilities to its maximum. Through my journey in college, I realized that I began to learn things and remember things better than I have before. I was very pleased with this recall ability. Also, my diction and grammar began to morph. I discovered myself using words and pronouncing them correctly and clearly. My grammar and vocabulary broadened which are very key and vital aspects to my college success. I even disregarded the peer pressure of my friends and associates when they were attempting to persuade and encourage me to go to parties. In doing this, I succeeded in my first semester of college. I was also extremely proud of this accomplishmet. Following the strenous and hard work, it has been an extremely valuable college experience for me.


I f I could change anything about my college experience it would be I would warn myself about the cost of tuition! I am not sure my mother will be able to afford to pay for my tuition and books for the next four years. It is very hard on her right now. I wish I would have been more envolve in writing essays. I know now you need write a whole lot to receive college aid. Computor skills is a must. Leaving home was also a big transition. I am originally from Baltimore,MD and I have recently relocated to Lexington,Kentucky to go to college and start my future. The plan was already set, but the future is never gauranteed. Life throws you cuve ballls and you have to be prepared to catch it, whatever way life throws it at you. On July 9, 2009 my oldest brother was innocenlty killed. In the fall of 2009 we were to start school together and finish together. Now Charles is no longer with me but I'm dedicated and determined to finish. This one is for both us.


Jenny, Berea was made for you, believe it. Remember how you always wanted to attend a small college? with a small student teacher ratio, with the ability to combine Arts and Science? Also with a full tuition scholarship? This is it dear. Take up the challenge to leave home for this four years. The biggest problem you may face will the cultural shock from the difference in the way professors are treated. I know you can't imagine referring to a PHD holder by his first name, but you will get used to it! There are so many different kinds of people there that it will amaze you, you might make a friend from Iraq even! Would that not be something? Berea is amazing for you, its beautiful in a little town, with just the amount of city life you need to succeed exceptionally. Resources are available to you in enormous amounts. All you have to do is make up your mind to do the best at all things, from labor to classwork to clubs and you will sit back and enjoy nothing but endless success. Trust me.


If had the opportunity to go back to my senior year and speak to myself, I would explain to myself the importance of having a better GPA. I have always been focused on being able to support myself, work a job, and have good grades to seem responsible and intelligent in the school setting. However, I would explain the importance that GPA has everywhere. I see friends and other colleagues getting awards that I know I could get if I would have focused more. I now know what I must do and am trying to correct the mistakes that I made. I would explain to myself again that the money doesn't have to be a focus, you must be responsible, but do not get obsessed with being on your own. Be a student right now and concentrate on school, you'll have many years to work. I would also tell myself of ways to handle the ADD that I realize I possess sometimes. It affects me sometimes, but I wont let it get me or claim that I can't deal with it. I would show myself what I know now, and how to truly get to being happy.


I would tell myself a couple of things. First, no matter what, follow your heart. You know what will get you into trouble what will lead you to a great friendship or an opportunity you can?t refuse. Follow your gut instinct and try not to let the popular choice be your choice if you don?t agree with it. Second, DO your homework. Don?t put it off. DO it BEFORE midnight. Yes, that?s right. The next day you?ll be thankful. Third, exercise in the mornings. It boosts your metabolism, gets your endorphins flowing and makes you feel great all day! Fourth, sign up for that out of major class or do that sport that you?ve been meaning to try out. In other words, don?t be afraid to try something outside the box or out of your comfort zone. It?ll benefit you either way! You can either gain a new subject of interest or decide you don?t really like that sport like you thought you would. Most of all, however, is take care of the friends you make. Amazing people are hard to come by and in college, why not surround yourself?


If I could go back in time and talk to my highschool self, I would stress the importance of being focused and goal oriented. Some times the unexpected happens and we are not always prepared, but you must always do your best, and pay attention to the things most important. All you really need to do is follow instructions, and once you have met the requirements then you can do extra, or even kick back and relax for a minute. Get in the habit of studying, in college you need to study, life is competitive and this is the time for you to compete. Do not hold back anything, you needd to shine for you, because you made it this far and to give up now, or to let someone or something stand in between you and your success is a shame. Last, always remember who you are, and the things you want from life. I promise if you do this you will go far.


I would make sure to tell myself to study more and pay attention to the advice of many individuals. College is much different than high school, and I did not realize that fact before going in. The shcool that I attended was very challenging and demanded a lot from me. Studying harder and applying my self would have given me an extra bit of encouragement and preparation for the college world. I would also tell myself to manage my time more wisely. A lot of things slipped through the cracks in high school, and those things did not go well in college. Teachers and work supervisors were stricters and wanted you to be on top of your game. I would have also taken my jobs more seriously. You think it is a high school job, but in reality it is preparing you for the real world and given you more responsibilities.


I would have told myself to take more time to study for anatomy and physiology class. I would have invested in a better pair of clinical shoes, 12 hours clinicals are rough. I would tell myself to wait to have children, four a.m. visits to the emergency room and eight a.m. exams do not mesh well. I would also tell myself that it's always better to be prepared for anything. I never would have dreamed how my life turned out from high school to now. Just believe in yourself and push through the assignments you think are ridiculous. Look at what you need to complete your goal and achieve it! All the little extras in life are blessings, the late night study sessions, the baby that would keep you up all night when you really needed to rest, or the amazing classes that will take you abroad to experience the world. Never stay in your room, never be afraid to meet new people and stop putting people and things in boxes. Don't be afraid to have fun.


For a student that is about to start the journey of his or her life by going to college, there are a few points that I would suggest. College can be overwhelming at times and it would be a great stress reliever if you picked a low tuition college. I would also suggest that you decide on a college that you think is the best and offers exactly what you want and not what other individuals want. I would suggest that you find a school that has many extracurricular activites that you can get involved in because college is the best days of your life.


Don't settle, go for the college you think will suit you best, where you can learn the most and still be able to have fun.


My advice for both students and parents when finding the right college is to go with your gut. Unless its unreasonable financially, the gut instinct is more likely the school students will enjoy and the parents will support the most. When it comes to making the most of the college experience, do not give up when it gets tough. The college transition may not be too difficult academically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, it can be rough. This is the time you have to put yourself first, and make your decisions based on whats best for you. Besides that, have a good time, focus the most on classes, and be happy!


In order to find the right college, you definitely need to visit the campus and maybe even talk to the students there. There's no way of knowing for sure if it's the right school for you until you actually start. If not, you're free to transfer. Before deciding to transfer though, you need to get involved. Participate in clubs, groups, sports, intramurals or anything else the campus offers. It's easier to find and make friends that will make your experience at school a lot better. If you don't get out and meet people, you will be miserable. Be yourself but make sure you reach out. Make sure you have fun, but also be sure to spend plenty of time studying and doing homework. That is what you're there for. :)


With parents and students about finiding the right choices, i would say that it is important to find someone who is attending or has attended the school to give you a precise idea of what the school is about and what to expect. Look for schools that will describe everything to you good and the not so great.


Follow your instincts. If the college if far away from home just remember that if you are really family oriented you won't get to see your family that often. Really look at the programs offered at the college and don't expect to graduate with the major that you started with, that rarely happens. Get invovled while at college, don't party until the wee hours of the morning and stay away from those people who know will get you into trouble. There will always be someone and it could even be your bestfriend that wants to do something that isn't right. Don't follow the crowd, make your own statement.


Choose on you see yourself in. Do campus visits, it helps choosing the college you want to go to.


To all the parents and students steeped within the throws of selecting the right college: examine yourself. Take inventory of values that are uncompromising to your character. Know your goals and where you eventually want to be in life, whether it is a career or just a feeling. Do you want to impact the world or be the first one in your family to write a best selling novel? Then, find a college or university that embodies your mission and will help you along your way to accomplishing your goals. In this way, you can be sure that as you grow and change, the college or institution you have chosen will provide an atmosphere that will be advantageous to molding you in the fashion of your dreams.


My advice to find the college right for you would be to find a school that has caring professors. If the professor cares about the success of the student, it drives the student to succeed. The school I attended has amazing professors and several of my former classmates agree that the professor makes all the difference, not only in success, but in enjoying the classes and really learning about the subject. When the professor is excited about teaching, it makes the students excited about learning. The way in which the class material is presented can make the difference in whether a student "survives" college or makes the most of it. Caring professors are also great resources to find successful post-college avenues; they may know someone in the chosen field or be a contact person for an internship. Small schools are usually the way to go if you want this one on one connection. Though there may be a sacrifice of the expensive, state of the art facilities and certain programs that only large schools have, it is worth it to have the support you need right there in the classroom and make college the experience of a lifetime.


I think a student should inconspicuously put their parent's advice aside and establish the true reason which they desire to pursue a college degree. Every parent wants what, in their mind, is the best for their son/daughter, but their ideas of what is best is often subject to extreme biased and favored beliefs which they have established on their own. I believe that happiness is the drive behind every student's desire for higher education, therefore a student needs to first off establish what they feel would inevitably make them happy. Once this is established, the student should begin their quest to recognize institutions which offer degrees and/or programs which embrace the field of study that they desire to pursue. The student should then itemize the institutions they have selected, and begin weighing the pros and the cons from each individual institution. The pros and cons from each institution will mostly balance out, but depending on the degree a student wishes to pursue, there will ultimately be around three or four which clearly stand out. Apply to them all, tour them all, and experience them all. Pictures do no justification to what an institution has to offer.


Just have fun and make the best out of every situation. If you dont get into the school you really want dont worry bout it because you will have a better time at the one you do end up going to.


Visit the school before making an actually decision.


I would tell parents and students to first narrow down their choices. When they have decided on several colleges, they should visit the campus to see exactly what type of atmosphere would work best for the student during their college career. To make the most out of the college experience, the student should work on time management. It is necessary to balance work with studying, all the while making time for relaxing and social activities.


Try and have an idea of what you want before you go; it makes it easier once you're there. The internet is an invaluable resource for finding schools. Be sure to contact the professors there and visit the campus to get a good idea of whether or not you really like the college.


Look around at all colleges avaiable that offer what you are seeking. Compare them and decide what you belive is the best college. Don't base everything on getting in to that college though. Leave yourself room to maneuver, so that you will not have to make hasty sudden changes at the last minute if you dont get accepted at a certain college. Once you get to college, dont slack off. Take your classes and work seriously. But also dont hole up in your room and be anti-social. Get out there and make some friends. They will probably last a lifetime. If your interested in a sport or club, go for it, thats a great way to make friends, and it can help you out with your future career. Enjoy your college life, because it will be over before you know it and you'll miss it.


Make sure that this is the college for your sons or daugters


When looking for a college that is good for a student the student should try to contact the professors in the field they wish to study in. With this information a student would be able to find the area that best suites them without the advertising or the deception that colleges sometimes attempt to enact in. Colleges seem to prefer fluff over function, advertising "This college is great, the professors are great" when in reality the people writing those advertisements do not seem to speak to the professors or the current students, only caring about putting money in their pocket, whether it be through research for big universities or through attendance and donations for smaller colleges. Speaking with the professors in the field of study will allow the student to also find out if they really wish to engage in that study.


Talk to as many students as you can, and I'm not talking about the ones that work in the admissions office of the ones living there in the summer. They are just happy to be where they are. If you want the real scoop talk to the students that aren't stuck there or working for the college. And research financial aid well, just because you didn't get a scholarship to your school of choice doesn't mean that you can't swing going there.


If your looking for the right college you have to know yourself or your child. College is something that no one is really prepared for as it is a different type of lifestyle. By knowing what academic pressure you can handle, as well as finanial assistance you need will help you decide which college is the best option for you. College is a place where someone is when someone leaves the house of their parents (on usual circumstances) and finds themselves, as they are now on their own and able to make their own choices. To do that, you have to select a school that you feel you will most feel at home at. Check out multiple colleges, and make campus visits, a walk through campus and conversations with students can tell you the most about an institution, and if it is right for you.




My advice is find what is right for you. Find the place that has your major. Be careful and try not to get in over your head with too many outside activities. Focus on your studies. Have fun and dont stress too much. Love what you are going to school for, make sure it is something you are passionate about. Dont jump into a loan without reading the fine print. Having a roommate is awesome. Be yourself and make the most out of any situation. And things usually seem harder than they really are. So dont stress, love yourself, and be yourself. Everything else should fall into place.


Don't get blinded by the money being offered to you, chances are there is some catch that will catch you off gaurd and hurt your plans.


The best advice I can give a parent or student looking for the right college is to make sure to pick the right college for your learning style. If you learn better in a smaller class room with hands on experiences, then don't go to a major university where you are going to be a number instead of a student and it is hard to get one-on-one time with your professors. Also make sure that you can pay for your education and not be paying off student loans when you're a grandparent. Save all the money that you can and apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible, there are millions of them on the web and for most of them it is free to apply. Finally I would tell them that they should pick a school that they will be comfortable in and that they think they can adjust to easily. If you are uncomfortable in your school setting for any reason (religious/political views, living conditions, etc.) you will start to see it affecting you academics.


My advice to parents and/or students about finding the right college is to go where you can get a cultural and racial variety while still enjoying a stimulating educational environment. It is the best feeling to be able to walk outside and see people who are so different from you, but also find the comfort of a familiar face. For this reasoning, I would suggest getting involved to make the most of the college experience. Find a group of friends and join in with others to find out what your college is really about and the entertaining things to do around campus. Be who you are and find others who embrace that within you! Finding out a good time-management schedule for yourself is key, so plan appropriately. The number one thing I reccomend is just to get out there and enjoy learning more both within the classroom and without!