Bethany College-Lindsborg Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The great town of "little Sweden" Lindsborg.


Bethany is best known for letting the student find their own path but giving them guidence along the way. Everyone at Bethany is extremely friendly and is very down to earth. They will be glad to hold a conversation with you about life, or anything you want to talk about. All the professors are anxious to help if you need it and they are easily accesible after class times. I really like Bethany because the class sizes are small as well. Some of the biggest classes have only 20-25 students in them.


My school is best known for its great major programs. The education department is one of the best in the state and anyone who graduates from Bethany College receives high recommendations. Also, the business department is great too! We are best known for our respectful staff and students and the way we present ourselves to everyone else. We have great athletic programs that are fun to watch and they win many conference titles as well. The school is full of potentially great students and hard working staff members.


My school is best known for the music program. Bethany is also known for being the only place that has done Handel's Messiah for over 130 years.


My school is most known for being Swedish, hint we are the Bethany Swedes. Bethany is in Lindsborg, which is called "Little Sweden", it is full of Swedish background and culture. When people ask me where I am going to school I can say Bethany in Lindsborg and they already know that it's the little Swedish college. I like having the Swedish style infused in the school because it makes it so unique and different from other schools.