Bethany College-Lindsborg Top Questions

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One of the reasons I chose Bethany College was because of the size of the college and the small, close nit community. There is a great, reciprocated support from the citizens of Lindsborg for us college students. Because of the small college campus and number of students that attend, we have a low student to teacher ratio. We have so many opportunities to be active members of the classes and have ample opportunities to receive extra help if needed. Another reason I love Bethany College is that everyone knows eachother and everyone can find their niche to feel comfortable in.


Bethany has an excellent Music program. Compared to the other colleges I considered Bethany was the best for me. I come from a large city and wanted a small town feel for my college years. Bethany is part of a larger community that is very tight-knit and close. Everyone is willing to help me on my journey thorugh college and in turn that makes me more willing and able to help others.


Bethany has a warmth and acceptance of all ages, ethnicities and religions. Bethany is a small beautiful campus constanly updating with funds marked specifically for the intended purpose to keep the facilities and studends up to date with the most modern abilities. The instrucutors are carring and comitted to the learning of their students, as are all of the college staff, from administration to the custodians. I feel that that Bethany has been the best experience that I could have had as a single parent of four children I have been able to influence my children in their education.


Bethany College is unique compared to all the other schools, due to it's great atmosphere, caring teachers, and the connection between school and community. The first way this college is unique is due to its great atmosphere. Bethany gives you that home type feeling that makes you feel comfortable with your surroundings. Secondly, Bethany is unique due to its caring teachers. The teachers at Bethany College actually care about you as if you where apart of there own family. The final way Bethany College is unique is due to the great connection between the school and the community!


The most unique thing about our school compared to other schools i looked at is it is very small and everyone is super friendly.


My school is all about connecting on a personal level with the students. My average class size is eight and my largest might be thirty. I've never once had issues with connecting with teachers and have good relationships with them all! Also it also students to exel all around in athletics, academics and the arts without forcing you to specialize.


There are only 500 students in the entire school. The biggest class that you will have is 30 students.


Bethany College has a unique ability that allows each staff and faculty member to know nearly every student on some sort of personal level.