Bethany College-Lindsborg Top Questions

What should every freshman at Bethany College-Lindsborg know before they start?


Stay focused. All of those fun things will be there later. The campus socials, the homecomings, the parties they will still exsist after you've done your work. You must learn how to manage your time, time management is the key. Use sticky notes, use planners, set reminders on your phone. ( you have a smart phone, USE IT.) I can't stress this enough, make sure that you constantly post your upcoming assignments around your room, make sure they are visible so that way you don't forget. I know that boy is super cute and he's totally checking you out, but you have three homework assignemnts due at 11:59pm! Stay Focused! Don't let these things distract you, there's nothing worse than recieveing a "C" because you would've rathered partied than do your 20 minute assignment! STAY FOCUSED! You don't know it but in a year, you'll be at home sad because you negelcted what should've been your number one priority. School comes first, everything else can wait, fun doesn't expire and every tick or tock from the clock you spend not working, is going to cost you. Stay Focused.


If I could go back to high school my senior year and talk to myself I would say that I did a great job making decisions. During high school, I made some decisions that may not have been the most popular ones with my peers. I stood up for what I believed in, stuck to my morals, and made ethical choices on a daily basis. I admit that it was a difficult thing to do, but I held to what I believed was right. I believe that making these decisions gave me practice of saying "no" when I reached my college days. So, I guess I would tell myself, "Stand for what you believe, practice saying what you need to say, and trust in yourself. Follow your dreams, set your sights high, and strive to do your best in everything you associate yourself with. When you are familiar with these ideas, they fall into place when you are out on your own. " Perhaps the most important advice I would give myself is to ask for help if you need it. It won't make you a weaker person, it will make you a smarter one!


Avoid the word "no" when addressing positive peer pressure. Although course work can be demanding and overwhelming, part of the college experience is discovering you! If you have studied and made the grade, you deserve to have a little fun. Thus, if someone invites you to go bowling, say yes. There's a basketball game at 7? Put on your spirit wear and stand in the bleachers. Board games in the student union? Go ahead and go! The best way to meet people and locate your niche is to attend all sorts of events, even if they are a bit outside of your comfort zone. Now, going outside of your comfort zone doesn't justify pulling a Kat from "Ten Things I Hate About You" and dancing on tabletops after a drunken escapade. For every invitation to go to the movies, there will be ten invitations to have a drink. Another part of the college experience is navigating the answers to difficult questions. In order to solve these tricky situations, remember the reason you're there: to get an education. If the invitation puts your degree in jeopardy, it simply isn’t worth doing.


Hey friend. Quit being a dick. You are smart and creative and have the capacity to be so kind, so stop thinking you're better than everyone else. As soon as you realize that most people are doing their best and have their own dreams and their own insecurities, the better your life will be. Learn how to study. Even though US History is the easiest class you ever had, I guarantee your college History class will require some actual critical thinking. Alcohol can be fun, but don't ever try to solve your problems with vodka. You aren't a very good artist yet, but you will be if you work hard. Always remember why you want to be an artist and don't let a failed professional turned professor tell you, you can't do it. Remember you are loved by many, and never let a boyfriend, girlfriend, or roommate feel like you aren't worthy of love. Buy a filter, the water is gross here. Remember you are here to learn, don't waste your money and your time by half-assing anything. You're going to be fine. Live the life you have imagined. Love, Dave


Towards the end of my high school career, I had my life all planned out. I was more than ready to work my hardest to get myself through college by applying for as many scholarships and even working two part time jobs. The one thing that I regret having planned for myself was my living arrangements. With any sort of opportunity, I would have lived with close friends to withold a more sociable life. With all the time and effort I put towards school and work, it is hard to find time for my past friends and to make new ones. During college, I realize that it is extremely important for me to have the support and love of friends during the most stressful times of my life. Friendship is one of the most important bond that a person can cherish because when we do not have our family around to comfort and help us, we have our second family, friends. Friendship is as equally as strong as the bonds we share with our family.


Going back in time and being able to talk to myself as a senior in high school I'd have a few things to say. First of all, that grades and academics are everything. I'd tell myself to work as hard as I could to get the best grades I possibly could as well as to get involved in as much as I could. Getting involved in college once you arrive is the fastest way to get over being homesick and a great way to meet and make many new friends. The next big thing I'd tell myself is to try new things and to try my hardest at those things. Doing your very best in everything you do is the best way to make yourself a better person. All in all, I'd tell myself to work to the best of my abilities on my grades and academics as well as getting involved and to never give up.


I would like to encourage myself that college is not a place to fear. When incoming freshmen visit, they get this feeling of fear college. They fear the new life, the social environment among others, or they fear the classes. This feelings are experienced by everyone and myself, I felt this. Being far from home, I try to motivate myself to stay busy with school work, athletics, or other activites on campus. Being able to watch myself grow up into the college life and witness myself walking on campus, very nervous. I would encourage myself to be talkative, energized, and outgoing with anyone. Facing reality now, I want to redo some changes and tell some friends what I think about them or how I feel about them. Anyone can be a college graduate, smart or dumb, it wouldn't make a difference to try your best. This is what I would tell myself; to make 4 years of college very exciting and memoriable.


Through my first semester of college I have lived at home, off campus so that college would be more affordable. However, if I could talk to my self as a senior, I would tell myself to try and live on campus in the dorms. I know the reasoning was because of the costs of college, but living off campus I feel makes me miss out on many things such as being a part of the students, making friends, and just simply experiencing the college life. Telling myself this would I think make me have a better college experience where I gain more insight on how living "on my own" really is. My goal is to be awarded a scholarship so that I will be able to afford to live on campus.


I would tell myself that it's not all about the sports and education is very important as a college student. Education is what will make or break my future degree and allow me to provide for myself in the future. I would enlighten to not be shy and be yourself. It's funny how far you can get in relationships with people when you act just the way you are.


Here is some solid advice, go to every single resource you can find on the college campus. Talk to people and ask questions. Take down names, phone numbers, websites, and grab business cards to those who can help you. Do yourself a big favor and stop off at the counselor’s office on the first visit to the college. You should take the aptitude test and nail down a career that will suit you the best. Stay organized! Show up to every class, and turn in all of your assignments. There is no skating through like in high school. Take a lot of notes and stay on task. You will do fine in college classes as long as you stay motivated. Also, people will say that grades really don’t matter, but in college they really do, especially if you want to get into graduate school. Try to breathe a little because being grown-up isn’t so bad. One last thing, don’t forget to play outside and smile otherwise you will make yourself miserable. Oh and have fun by making friends and reaching out to others along the way.