Bethany College-Lindsborg Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Stay focused. All of those fun things will be there later. The campus socials, the homecomings, the parties they will still exsist after you've done your work. You must learn how to manage your time, time management is the key. Use sticky notes, use planners, set reminders on your phone. ( you have a smart phone, USE IT.) I can't stress this enough, make sure that you constantly post your upcoming assignments around your room, make sure they are visible so that way you don't forget. I know that boy is super cute and he's totally checking you out, but you have three homework assignemnts due at 11:59pm! Stay Focused! Don't let these things distract you, there's nothing worse than recieveing a "C" because you would've rathered partied than do your 20 minute assignment! STAY FOCUSED! You don't know it but in a year, you'll be at home sad because you negelcted what should've been your number one priority. School comes first, everything else can wait, fun doesn't expire and every tick or tock from the clock you spend not working, is going to cost you. Stay Focused.


If I could go back to high school my senior year and talk to myself I would say that I did a great job making decisions. During high school, I made some decisions that may not have been the most popular ones with my peers. I stood up for what I believed in, stuck to my morals, and made ethical choices on a daily basis. I admit that it was a difficult thing to do, but I held to what I believed was right. I believe that making these decisions gave me practice of saying "no" when I reached my college days. So, I guess I would tell myself, "Stand for what you believe, practice saying what you need to say, and trust in yourself. Follow your dreams, set your sights high, and strive to do your best in everything you associate yourself with. When you are familiar with these ideas, they fall into place when you are out on your own. " Perhaps the most important advice I would give myself is to ask for help if you need it. It won't make you a weaker person, it will make you a smarter one!


Avoid the word "no" when addressing positive peer pressure. Although course work can be demanding and overwhelming, part of the college experience is discovering you! If you have studied and made the grade, you deserve to have a little fun. Thus, if someone invites you to go bowling, say yes. There's a basketball game at 7? Put on your spirit wear and stand in the bleachers. Board games in the student union? Go ahead and go! The best way to meet people and locate your niche is to attend all sorts of events, even if they are a bit outside of your comfort zone. Now, going outside of your comfort zone doesn't justify pulling a Kat from "Ten Things I Hate About You" and dancing on tabletops after a drunken escapade. For every invitation to go to the movies, there will be ten invitations to have a drink. Another part of the college experience is navigating the answers to difficult questions. In order to solve these tricky situations, remember the reason you're there: to get an education. If the invitation puts your degree in jeopardy, it simply isn’t worth doing.


Hey friend. Quit being a dick. You are smart and creative and have the capacity to be so kind, so stop thinking you're better than everyone else. As soon as you realize that most people are doing their best and have their own dreams and their own insecurities, the better your life will be. Learn how to study. Even though US History is the easiest class you ever had, I guarantee your college History class will require some actual critical thinking. Alcohol can be fun, but don't ever try to solve your problems with vodka. You aren't a very good artist yet, but you will be if you work hard. Always remember why you want to be an artist and don't let a failed professional turned professor tell you, you can't do it. Remember you are loved by many, and never let a boyfriend, girlfriend, or roommate feel like you aren't worthy of love. Buy a filter, the water is gross here. Remember you are here to learn, don't waste your money and your time by half-assing anything. You're going to be fine. Live the life you have imagined. Love, Dave


Towards the end of my high school career, I had my life all planned out. I was more than ready to work my hardest to get myself through college by applying for as many scholarships and even working two part time jobs. The one thing that I regret having planned for myself was my living arrangements. With any sort of opportunity, I would have lived with close friends to withold a more sociable life. With all the time and effort I put towards school and work, it is hard to find time for my past friends and to make new ones. During college, I realize that it is extremely important for me to have the support and love of friends during the most stressful times of my life. Friendship is one of the most important bond that a person can cherish because when we do not have our family around to comfort and help us, we have our second family, friends. Friendship is as equally as strong as the bonds we share with our family.


Going back in time and being able to talk to myself as a senior in high school I'd have a few things to say. First of all, that grades and academics are everything. I'd tell myself to work as hard as I could to get the best grades I possibly could as well as to get involved in as much as I could. Getting involved in college once you arrive is the fastest way to get over being homesick and a great way to meet and make many new friends. The next big thing I'd tell myself is to try new things and to try my hardest at those things. Doing your very best in everything you do is the best way to make yourself a better person. All in all, I'd tell myself to work to the best of my abilities on my grades and academics as well as getting involved and to never give up.


I would like to encourage myself that college is not a place to fear. When incoming freshmen visit, they get this feeling of fear college. They fear the new life, the social environment among others, or they fear the classes. This feelings are experienced by everyone and myself, I felt this. Being far from home, I try to motivate myself to stay busy with school work, athletics, or other activites on campus. Being able to watch myself grow up into the college life and witness myself walking on campus, very nervous. I would encourage myself to be talkative, energized, and outgoing with anyone. Facing reality now, I want to redo some changes and tell some friends what I think about them or how I feel about them. Anyone can be a college graduate, smart or dumb, it wouldn't make a difference to try your best. This is what I would tell myself; to make 4 years of college very exciting and memoriable.


Through my first semester of college I have lived at home, off campus so that college would be more affordable. However, if I could talk to my self as a senior, I would tell myself to try and live on campus in the dorms. I know the reasoning was because of the costs of college, but living off campus I feel makes me miss out on many things such as being a part of the students, making friends, and just simply experiencing the college life. Telling myself this would I think make me have a better college experience where I gain more insight on how living "on my own" really is. My goal is to be awarded a scholarship so that I will be able to afford to live on campus.


I would tell myself that it's not all about the sports and education is very important as a college student. Education is what will make or break my future degree and allow me to provide for myself in the future. I would enlighten to not be shy and be yourself. It's funny how far you can get in relationships with people when you act just the way you are.


Here is some solid advice, go to every single resource you can find on the college campus. Talk to people and ask questions. Take down names, phone numbers, websites, and grab business cards to those who can help you. Do yourself a big favor and stop off at the counselor’s office on the first visit to the college. You should take the aptitude test and nail down a career that will suit you the best. Stay organized! Show up to every class, and turn in all of your assignments. There is no skating through like in high school. Take a lot of notes and stay on task. You will do fine in college classes as long as you stay motivated. Also, people will say that grades really don’t matter, but in college they really do, especially if you want to get into graduate school. Try to breathe a little because being grown-up isn’t so bad. One last thing, don’t forget to play outside and smile otherwise you will make yourself miserable. Oh and have fun by making friends and reaching out to others along the way.


Go out and have fun, never doubt yourself because people will always like the real you.


I would tell myself to not take anything lightly. Going to college students sometimes become lazy because they have so much freedom now that they refrain from studying or doing homework. Do not procrastinate! College kids have a bad habit of waiting to write papers or do homework until the last minute when they have lots of free time to do homework. Do your class work right away and do it right. Waiting will only hurt you in the long run. Also, put yourself in a situation to succeed. Dont' surround yourself with friends who want you to constantly party and not go to class because you will start acting like them eventually. Make friends that want you to succeed and will help you in any situation.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not get too carried away in the independence that you receive in college. I would say that although it is not always required, go to class and the meetings that are held. They are here for your benefit. Also, attend all of the fun Student Activities Board activities. Any opportunity to have fun or learn new things, go visit it because it will not hurt you, only help. Get to know everyone as well. Having many friends in college is great and makes the experience only greater!


Salutations Dayna, please try to believe that I am you in the next two years. What I’m doing here is to alleviate your concerns for the future after you graduate from high school. Why, to help myself be secured with what you’re about to be challenged. Know this detail that when you enter college, temptations will arise each and every day with procrastination, to sleepless nights, and second guessing your decisions. I am completely aware that my being here might change the experiences that I have, but if you can make a more substantial future for yourself: physically and spiritually, let it be the possibility. There are better guys out there to be the one, just be patient. Enjoy getting soaked with college experience and search your inner self to know who you really are. Decide what is best for you and not what others think for you. You’ve heard all the positive sayings to help you in life: listen, memorize and live through them. Eventually you’ll found your own saying to help others live their dreams. Don’t expect too much of everything, life is short as others would say, and God Speed beautiful one.


I would try and convince myself to take classes that really matter and to really think of a future career. This would keep me on track and have less distractions in college. I would explain how easy it is to get distracted and that completing your education in college will open up so many more doors for life. I would also explain how expensivethe college experience can be and that saving and planning for scholarships is very important. No one knows what the future economy holds and being prepared by accessing any and all scholarships will help in the long run. Lastly I would say have fun but keep it in perspective of a few years in college with a lifetime of opportunities. What you think now will be the best time can hold from having enormous experiences after completing college.


Hello Stephanie, Do not procrastinate. Keep up with all work and do not let any opportunities pass you by. College is tough, but you can be tougher. Keep your head in the game. Oh, and do not wait until the last possible moment to look for colleges and a way to get there; community college isn't so rough, but doing anything as a new transfer student is. Yours truly, Yourself


Dear Catherine, Please take the time to read this letter as it contains valuable information for the years ahead. College is an exciting time. You are entering a new life as an adult. It is okay to have fun, but be responsible and never loose sight of your faith. Don’t be in a rush to date, the right guy will come around and let you know he’s the one. I know that you cherish each of your instruments and you will love the lessons on all of them. Just be sure to spend more time on the piano since it is your major. You should also push yourself to memorize more of your music so it won’t be as tedious for you later on. Consider taking more general education classes from Casper College. It will be cheaper to transfer them over than to take them from a four year college. This will also allow you to graduate on time and continue on with the rest of your life! Your parents raised you well, so keep your morals and your faith at the front of your mind and life will go smoothly. Best of luck in college, Catherine


I would tell myself to breath deeply. As a senior I went through a lot of heartache with the lost of friendships and some very important end of the year exams. By the end my nerves were so frayed I could honetly start crying at the drop of a hat. I would tell myself not to worry about which college to choose because the right no was right in front of me. I would tell myself to to weigh other opinions on what I should do with my life so heavily becasue at the end of the day I, not them, will have to live with that I decide. I would also tell myself to not worry about people in my new town, they are just like the ones in my old, just as kind and just as caring. Lastly I would tell myself that although life seems bleak at times, the sun will always rise in the east and for at least 8 hours I will always have that to look forward to.


Education has always been a very important aspect of my life. I knew that at an early age that I needed to do well in school to move not only up in grade levels but also ahead in life. I finished high school in the top 25% of my class. Now I attend Bethany College and I am doing quite well as a Biology Pre-Med major. College is a big step for almost everyone. Bethany College made the transition extremely easy. The people here at Bethany College make sure that a person adapts well, as for me, I am thriving in everything I do. I participate in cheerleading, chapel choir, and hold a part time job. Bethany makes it easy to accomplish my goals and pushes me to do my best no matter what. College in general has been a great learning experience and will help me as I continue on the path to hopefully change the world by helping premature babies.


I recently received my A.A. degree from Valencia Community College. This month I started at the University of Central Florida. Being a transfer student, I have had to go through many processes to just apply for a new college. Everything is so important when applying because, I have realized... college itself is so important -- especially to succeed and survive successfully in the real world. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in English Language Arts Education is my current main focus in life. Each day I attend a college class it gets me more excited to become a teacher. I have realized in college that life is exactly what you make it. The teachers are not there for themselves, yet for us -- the students. I want to give to students in return for my teachers giving to me. The idea of karma and the saying "what goes around, comes around" really relates to my college experience. The more I put in to my school work... the more I will obtain in the future. Just knowing, understanding, and realizing that excites me beyond belief.


Throughout my college experience thanks to SAB which is the student activity board. They provide us with an experience of activities; such as things that I have never done before. Educational based experiences have been excellent to reach my ability in all aspects. Considering that i come from a family that has relatives who never made is passed high school or dropped out of college. I am very honored to be in college, even though their has been struggle money wise. Bethany College has brought me an experience that many people arent able to recieve the oppurtunity that i had chance to. I part take in athletics, and am a pre-med bio major. My education is important to me and know matter how hard i struggle, I will continue to go to school and succeed!!!!


While attending Hillsborough community college, i was able to learn so much about my choice of career and how much of a strong and independent person i was becoming. My major is criminal justice and the one thing i know is that you have to be a caring person who is willing to put your life on the line every time you put on that uniform and i feel like there was little doubt in my first year but now i feel like there is nothing i can not do if i reall set my mind to it. While attending i had to grow up fast and learn how to be a responsible adult. I went to school full time, worked full time and had to provide for myself because i had no help and still don't but, going over the materials in class and horrible stories gave me the sence that if there are others who go through more than what i have, than i shall focus and give my 100% effort. I have more confidence and know more and more about the world each day because i am constantly learning new information in and out the classroom.


My college experience was a positive one. I choose to attend a small school for a number of reasons. I wanted play college sports, be involved on campus, know my professors, know my fellow classmates, I wanted to be more than just a number and receive a top academic eduation. Bethany College offered me all of these opportunities. Because of Bethany, I learned what my passion for life is and who I want to become. Through the guidence of my professors, I discovered that teaching was my calling. They gave me the opportunity for field experience, independent studies, research and learning by doing. Bethany gave me the chance to expand my mind, questions my beliefs and gave me the tools to start establishing my personal philosophy. I was able to find new talents in myself that I did not know I had. One of these talents is throwing on the wheel. I was able to take a ceramics class, even though it was not my major and I discovered something new about myself. Bethany College was valuable to attend becuase they want there students to be well rounded members of society and that is what I have now become.


Through my most recent college experience I have been able to target the reason why I haven't finished yet. I have always been academically advanced when I was in a structured environment, grades K-11. But once the structure became more and more relaxed I struggled where once I surpassed all the rest. Once I began "trying out" college as I like to call it, it just became too difficult to handle. During my most recent college experiences and having to work with ADHD children to support myself and pay for my education, I discovered many similarities between the kids and I. Once I made the connection I decided to seek an evaluation. Sure enough I am ADHD combined type. All the opportunities I gave up because it was too "difficult" but just seemed wrong, all made perfect sense. I got the best experience out of my previous and current college experiences; I received the push in the right direction to get over my final hurdle. I am now treated for my ADHD with medication and life skills, so I still maybe a little distracted but I now have the power to control, I got my future back.


I have gotten the most rewarding experience attending college. Meeting new people each day with goals and dreams as great as my own to make a different in the world we live in. The interest in being the best a person can be and having highly motivated and passionate instructors at hand to help guide and direct you to reach your goals. The daily activities to interact with some many different cultures in one area is awesome. Having more available resources to network, research, participate and volunteer which helps in obtaining the educational knowledge less stressful. It's a rewarding experience, the impact it has on individuals when they know you really care and love the job your doing is so astonishing. A curriculum so highly competitive it helps to keep you directed to stay focus on the right current career path. Emphasises on understanding social structures, family, religion, law, economy and the opportunities to become involved. The traditions of organization to designed to promoting spirit and pride of building lifetime relationships. I truly enjoy the strong tradition of academic excellence and the encouragement of my peers. Thank you, Sharinea Winfrey


Ever since leaving high school and beginning college, I wondered if I would feel a difference in the two experiences. Would I feel "smarter", like I actually gained an education, or would I just go through the motions of another four years of school work? At Bethany, I know that I have gained an education. The professors and my fellowed students have instilled in me an education, not only from a classroom, but in life. I have met people at Bethany that I will never forget and have gained experiences I would not trade for anything. In my final year, I look forward to gaining even more and am sad that I will leave Bethany, yet I am excited and look forward to the day when I can take all values that I have gained with me into the larger world and share them with others. A scholarship from Campus Discovery will greatly assist me and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering me.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a H.S. Senior to help myself into the college life transition it would be not to be afraid. When I first started college we had a week of orientation, and I was really afraid to meet new people. I had meet my roommate once before; we ended up regestering for classes on the same day. I think becasue of me being afraid that I didn't give myself a chance to meet too many people from my class. Though now with my freshman year over and being in my second year of college I have soon gotten over my fear of putting myself out there. Spring (09) was able to study in England which helped me get over that fear, and now I can't wait to go back to Bethany to meet tons more people!


Knowing what I know now about college, I would tell my high school senior self to be outgoing, be yourself, and ask question. In college you need to be outgoing to meet new friends, to be a part of new organizations, and to have the best experience you will let yourself have through these fun and challenging years. I would also tell my young self to remember who you are and don't lose touch with personal values. You already know right from wrong, now just use your better judgement. Sure, you are going to do some stupid stuff, it is after all college, but these are the years that open the doors to the rest of your life. Last, but not least, ask question. Challenge yourself to learn all that you can! They say there is never a dumb question, so ask away if you don't get it the first time, most likely there is someone else who has the same question. Ask your professors, ask your friends, and remember family is always there too to answer the tough questions. Don't be afraid to explore, have fun, and learn lots this is the time to do it!


If I could go back and tell myself what to expect about college, and the transition that it brings, is that I should never have a set standard for what you expect, because it will always be different. It isn?t anything like high school with the easy classes, and light homework load. I wish that I would have participated in more volunteer and extracurricular activities so that I would have more opportunities, and scholarships available to me. I also would have told myself to start saving up a lot earlier because I think that the financial burden is harder than the change of atmosphere, and the heavier homework load, because I pay all my own bills now. One of the other biggest challenges I had was spending time away from my family, and mostly my mom. If I could go back I would have no doubt made Bethany my first and only choice because it is far enough away for me to be my own person and have my own life, but I can go home whenever I want to, and see my family. That is something that has been and always will be most important to me.


I would tell my self that education is important as is work and life experience, study harder take the SAT and ACT. The military was a good but very short choice in life experiences, Make wise desicions for they will follow you throughout your entire life; as well as your childrens life. Being a parent is very important, you are important to alot of individuals, you are intelligent and you do have a gift and purpose in life; some day you will find that purpose that is culminated from your life experiences. Do not give up, take chances, it is worth it. Education is a constant process in life never quit learning, your children will learn by your example. You are good at what you do and that is what helps you succed. Your love for people and desire to help others will become your life work.


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself to prepare me for college it would be to start to develop study habits because once you get to college mom and dad aren't going to be there to tell you that you need to study for this or you need to read that. I think that as a high school senior you just need to develop self-discipline, because in college there is so much freedom that you could easily fall behind in your studies and it takes that discipline to sit down and study for your classes and to actually go to class. Also, I would tell myself that everything is going to be okay and that just because you are leaving high school it doesn't mean that you are going to lose all your old friends, it just simply means that you are going to be making more. I think as a senior I thought college would be a terrifying experience, but now I think about it and it is just another stepping stone that is helping me get to where I want to be in life.


For me, personally, I would tell myself to not expect perfection for anything that is to come in my college years. Things will be messy. No matter how much you care, not matter how precise your preparations are for each day, there will always be that one time that your alarm clock just does not go off and you miss an important class. The most important thing is not to lose your head when things like this happen. Just keep moving forward and working harder than you ever thought you would need to. It is important to note also that having friends may be the one thing that helps keep you sane in the years to come. When you miss your family back home, they will be there for you. When you need someone to help you study for the big exam coming up, they will offer you chocolate along with words of encouragement. Do not underestimate the power of having a few close friends, and try to be a good friend yourself. This will bring you more satisfaction than being the best student, or earning an exemplary grade on a difficult test.


Dear Jeni, You have no idea what is ahead of you. You have an entire world out there and you have so much life to live! You are having the time of your life, being in high school and participating in debate and government. Once you get to college, you will not be doing any of that. Remember those skills you are learning and use them when you get to college! I know choosing a college is hard, and you made the right choice by going with your heart. God has in store huge plans for you and you need to trust him that he is sending you on the right path. When you get to college, please do not sit in your room and eat your rice. Go out and meet people! If your roommate does not work out, move! Do not settle for anything, you are the best and you deserve the best. Remember to get involved with everything! You will stressed out at times but the life lessons you are learning are worth it. You are going to be given the best education, so embrace it and always remember to find time to laugh!


I would first tell myself to try to get my final grades up as high as I can because it could make a big difference in how much help you get with scholorships from the school you pick. Then I would say how important it is to stay who you are and keep your values strong no matter what everyone else says or does. You should be open to everyone and try to talk the them and meet them. You will make a lot of new, good friends and some people you will realize aren't so good to hang around. I would say just be yourself and don't worry about trying to impress people or act different to get them to like you. Eventually you will fall into place with the people that you get along with. It's important to make friends and get along with people in your classes. This way you can do homework and study with them. This will be a big help with keeping up in youir classes and keeping good grades. Also it's very important to make time for your family and friends no matter how busy you think you are.


For me it would be living at home and going to the University of Cincinnati. I would have saved myself money by staying home but would not have meet the people I did or gained the life experiences i did going away to school and living on my own. I would have told myself it's okay not to know what i want to do with the rest of my life and its okay to explore different options and descisions. I wouldn't have changed my experiences or knowledge that I gained but i would have liked have given the local colleges a better look at then just blowing them off because i wanted to leave home and go away when the best school for me was right here in my hometown.


If I could go back in time, to when I was a Senior in High School and talk to myself about the college life, and making the transition to the college life, I would tell myself to learn more about study habbits and learn ways to practice good study habbits. I would tell myself to learn more about study habbits because once you get to college you need to learn how to study efficiently and effectively. In High School I didnt have to develope very well study habbits because I was able to not study and get by with good grades. Unfortunately this isn't the way it works in college. I would of told myself that I need to learn better ways to study now, so that way the transition to the college life and getting a college education would be a lot smoother. Also, learning better study habbits would also help me with better time management. Clearly, if I could go back in time and give myself advice as a High School Senior, I would go back in time and tell myself to start practicing good study habbits.


It is important to be yourself, in every matter. Some people may not like you; it happens, and it will likely to continue to happen throughout your life. Remember that you are a strong individual and that you can do anything when you put your mind to it. Values will always ground you and keep you from falling too hard, and when you do fall, get back up and tend to your scrapes. Do your homework; you'll learn so much more when you do than when you don't. Furthermore, you're paying too much to go to school simply to party and skip class. Don't hide behind your book in class. Use your words, and speak your mind, you have so many riveting insights that other students, and maybe even your professors, might not think of. Music lessons aren't as bad as you think they are, and the cafeteria food is relatively safe to eat. You can shine there, if you'll let yourself.


Growing up in England, the importance of God in my life was not installed into me. Unfortunately God doesn't seem to play a big part in many peoples life's in England. When I was a senior in High School, My family was having issues and I was in no place to accept God into my life. During my second semester, a friend of mine started talking to me about god more and more. I was interested; she was the happiest person I knew. One Sunday she asked me to go to church with her. She got even happier when I accepted. The church was an incredible experience and I carried on attending. I guess God had been talking to me through her because two months later I accepted God as my Lord and Savior. If I could go back and speak to myself as a High School senior, I would say 'Go introduce yourself to this girl as soon as you get to Bethany and ask her about God'. Little would this high school senior version of me know? This girl, from a small town in the middle of Kansas is going to help change my life forever!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself three simples rules to live by. First, I would encourage me to be myself. College can present many oppertunities to "be cool" and fit in, but in the end it's not worth the effort. Second, I would make sure to empart the necessity of good study skills. Studying not only makes or breaks one's grade, but also helps us become better informed in the field that we hope to work in one day. Last, I would tell myself to have fun. College is a time to study, meet new people, and grow up! While at times I wish I could go back in highschool and give myself advice for my college years, I know that I wouldn't have changed a thing!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as if I was in highschool i would tell myself that there are some people that are really just about themselves and that not everyone is trustable. I would also tell myself that college is a great experience and the new freedom is amazing. However, with the freedom you have to learn be responsible with it. I would emphasize that prioritizing your time is crucial to getting good grades in your classes. It seems like you have so much time to get everything done but it is hard to make studies come before friends which is why you have to make a point in the beginning to be determained. Lastly, I would tell myself to hang out with people you have fun with and that you share similar interests with, never jeopordize yourself, and just enjoy college. As a result you will have lifelong memories and friendships. These are going to be the best years of your life so live it to the fullest.


I have to admit that being able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior would be pretty amazing. However, I wouldn't have much to say. I feel like I was well prepared for college and I am succeeding. Though, I think if I could tell myself something it would be to first start packing now! Then, I would tell myself to start opening myself up more and becoming more approachable and friendly. I would definitely make myself apply for more scholarships, considering I would be deciding to attend a private school. Last I would tell myself to take my time learning and really absorb the knowledge in school. Everything you learn from high school and from your past will help you in college, and I wish I would have known that everything I went through in high school was for a reason and led me somewhere.


Sevven, Freedom is a big thing to think about on your way out. You haven't had much, you have to be able to handle it. No one will make you do your homework and in college it's harder to convince your teachers to let you make it up. You'll meet so many new people, but you still need to choose carefully. At a school as small as Bethany it's very easy for people to know what you're doing and people you haven't even met will know you as "the girl who..." There are no clearly defined boundaries now. Mom and Dad won't step in to help you out of trouble and they aren't going to pay for anything. Save your money. That will be your biggest regret. And keep an eye on rentals in town. You're going to need a house for that baby you have at the end of your sophomore year. Sevven


Here I am just finishing my first semester of college and surprise, surprise; it wasn't as hard as you'd think.! However if I had been smart about certain things in high school, it may have turned out even easier, so here is what I would tell my high school self. First, take every opportunity you are presented with! Don't just sit back and do the bare minimum. If I had just taken one more AP class or took private voice lessons, the transition into college would have gone a lot smoother. Second, don't over analyze the little things. It really doesn't matter if you get the cool wall decorations or the purple trash can, as longs as it works anything is fine. Finally, have fun with your friends because no matter what you will miss them, so take every moment as a gift and make sure you take pictures!


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would tell myself to go to a junior college to finish my general education classes. I would also like to tell myself on what major that I would like to decide on. I know that as a high school student, it is often very confusing to choose out of a variety of professional fields. I would tell myself to focus on general education classes instead of putting my academic expenses on classes that I know I will not need. I would also like to tell myself that school is really important and time is valuable when it comes to succeeding in what I want to be. I would like to tell myself what I'm majoring in right now and what classes I should be taking for the future, which is now the present. I would like to emphasize telling myself how valuable time is and that spending more time on schoolwork is more crucial than that of spending time with friends. I would have liked to set a priory list for myself and that would have opened up my eyes to what I wanted to be.


Hey you, I would just like you to know for the future that you need to get your stuff done as early as you can. Or you will catch yourself slipping.


I think that finding the right college is crutical to making the most out of college. Getting involved on campus is also important.


Tak your time, do not choose your first choice, and make sure you check at least 5 to 10 colleges. Good Luck!!


There are a lot of different factors in choosing a college. You need to know what you are interested in, and if you do not know yet, then you need to find a school that does not have strict major guidelines to be able to graduate in time. Take an inventory of your interests and find schools that can cater to those. If you come from a small town and do not wish to be just a name, then you can find a small school that has the facilites you need. Do not let anyone choose your college for you; otherwise you will probably be very unhappy. Also orientation may seem useless, but you will build friendships that will stay with you throughout your life.


In my opinion, do whatever you can to find the right college that will suit the student . Finding a college where you can be a happy and make friends can make all the difference instead of forcing them into one. I am personally am willing to do anything to get my college degree. i want to be the first in my family to do so and I am not giving up. My financial situation is my only barrier and I feel like that should not be the factor because my heart is in too much and money should not stop me.


Encourage your student to become involved in as many activities as possible without letting the activities interfere with academics. Parents should plan on keeping in decent touch with their student withou smothering them. College is a new and exciting experience. Make the best of it.