Black Hills State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There isn't much diversity. It's a must.


If you are looking for a metropolitan area, this school is not for you. University is located in beautiful, rugged, western state where the deer and buffalo roam.


There's not a terrible lot to do if your not a nature person. With this being primarilly a education college, if your someone who wants to be a teacher, but are not an outdoor extreamist, then it limits what you can do here.


The class load and the price along with this being a suitcase campus are the worst things about this school. The teachers have just begun to pile on a lot more than they used to. I believe that this school is overpriced and not very flexible on meal plans and other areas. The campus seems like a ghost town on some weekends, most people go home and live nearby.


All the construction on campus. My freshmen year they had to shutdown the fast food place and half of the student union so they could expand it (should be done by the fall 2009). And once they are done with the expansion of the Union, they are going to start working on a new science lab. However, the lab will be not in the center of the campus like the Union was, but I'm sure it will take up a part of the parking lot.


I think that the college could be doing so much more for the students . They are very unhelpful and always blame mistakes on other parts of the campus.