Black Hills State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Small pond feel. The small town and the small capus allowes you learn the town and everyone very quickly, thus giving you a close knit relationship.


I love the size of BHSU, its not so huge that its scary its just big enough to make you feel welcome. The professors and students here are very helpful whenever you come across a question or problem. I love how accomidating they are to my needs. I don't attend on the main campus up in Spearfish, I attend the classes they offer in Rapid City. Which is perfect for me because I live in the area and was able to add school into my life without having to completely change where I lived and worked to attend school.


The way the campus makes it feel like a community. It seems like everyone gets along with everyone. You could be at the library studying and a random guy or girl might strike up a convorstation. Or you could be hanging at the Union and someone will challenge you to a friendly game of fooseball or ping-pong. But, while you get to make new friends, there are a ton of people on campus so there are always more people to make friends with.


The best thing about Black Hills State Univeristy is the size of the school. I grew up in a small town so it was nice going to a smaller univerisity.


The best thing about my school is the beauty that surrounds the school which is the Black Hills and the social life in the dorms are the two best things at BHSU. This cause the natural beauty of the hills brings the students together and makes every student feel very happy. The dorms are very social as in the way we all hang out in the lobby.