Blinn College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I'll be honest and say I am not really frustrated with anything at the moment. I haven't had many problems. Although maybe the Advising department, it is a little confusing. I had one advisor tell me that I would most likely change my major by the end of the semester. I had to remind him i was not right out of high school and I know what i want to do.


My campus is small. College is all about getting to make friends while learning. At my school, it's impossible to get to know someone outside your class. There's no clubs and I wish they had clubs so I could get to know the students who attend the campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is signing up for classes. Everyone is trying to do the same thing all at once so lines are long, the server goes down, and classes fill up fast! I reason with myself and try not to get annoyed too much because I only have to do it once a semester, and as long as I attend school this is going to occur. Because this is out of my control I try to be patient and do all I can to prepare for this crazy time.


The only thing that it is frustrating is the laboratories. These labs need more computers and a bigger structure to develop a right way that makes the student feel comfortable at any time during the day.


The traffic is the most frustrating. Everyone, including the Professors, are racing to the college at the same time. Everyone's traversing one another to get to a decent parking spot or to just squeeze into the door way to your class! Its a tough road for education but if your dedicated then you will be just fine.


The most frustrating thing here at Blinn is probably the math department. There aren't too many teachers on this campus, and the ones that are here do not seem very committed and me struggling with math has made it a little difficult.


Besides parking, the most frusterating thing would have to be the ecampus web page we use to turn in papers and see our grades. The website is down alot and half the teachers dont fill in our grades for it.