Blinn College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had found my career passion sooner and I wish I had known that I would qualify for the Pell Grant and thus had tuition covered. I wasted a great deal of time in worrying how I would pay for school.


Personally I wish I had a better understanding on the level of the classes, and the amount of study time it takes to do good in classes. If I had a better understanding of how to study, and teach myself things.


I wish I knew more on how to spend my time wisely and not procrastinate on even the smallest papers for class. Now I know a little more about spreading the time I have to work on each class's materials equally and learning to focus on what should be done first, second,...etc. Also, I wish I was more prepared on how to manage my budget while living on campus. Keeping track of how much you have and how much you an spend during your year will help with the stress on your savings.


I did not understand that the earlier the application process was started the better even at a community college. For example, I did not realize that I could not register for classes until I had met with an advisor and had all documents including my final transcript mailed. I also had no idea how fast classes fill and was not familiar with the electronic course registration process.


I knew everything I needed to know about where I was going. I am happy with my decision


I wish that I would have been exposed to more math and a little more advanced.