Bloomfield College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about my school, I mostly brag about the clubs and organizations I am apart of. How much they have shaped me and developed my leaderships skills. I am currently the president of a wonderful organization called 'Women Of Success"' that deals with empowerment, leadership, and women rights. As well as being a Vice Preseident for two other organization. I love my school because it has helped shaped me to be who I am the person I am today.l


I brag the most about the Professors. Bloomfield College has an excellent teaching staff.


The small class sizes and the amount that the teachers care. It is a great school.


The small class sizes. Having small class sizes enables the students to feel more connected and have a more personal relationship with the teacher. This is important not only for group projects, but also in the atmosphere of the classroom. You have more of a willingness to want to go to class, and want to work, when you know that you will enjoy your day being in a class with close peers.