Bluefield College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would honestly tell myself not to worry as much as I did and to start saving money even if it is a little bit. College is the best experience I have endured and I look forward to the rest of the years ahead of me. I would also tell myself to not worry about the roommate experience and weather I will have to experience while out here. Also that college is nothing like high school and that I prepared myself very well when it comes to the work load and responsibility.


If I were able to go back in time to the year of my high school graduation, 2003, I would have to give myself the advice that I needed to be prepared for the unexpected bumps in the road that life will have. Never would I have expected that soon after my high school graduation I would lose my mother to cancer, that I would get married while in my final year of my bachelor's degree, and be a divorced single mother pursing a master's degree in education while working full time as a financial aid advisor at a two year community college. When I graduate I wish I would have realized that just because a plan doesn't work out exactly as you have envisioned it, you don't change the goal, you just try a different plan. I thought the life events meant the end of everything, however, they didn't they were just a "detour" along the journey called life.


I would tell myself to take school seriously because college is expensive and when you come from a low-income family, scholarships are vital for paying tuition. I would explain that working hard and getting good grades will allow you to receive scholarships. This would be a major advantage while you are in school because instead of worrying about you will pay for school you can focus on your education. Also, I would tell myself to not sink into peer pressure and that a night of fun is not worth the trouble. Being able to receive a college degree goes a long way but if all you do is party you will not succeed and achieve this. College will make or break your future whether you want to realize it or not. These are the years where you find out what you want to do with your life as well as mature as a person. College is wonderful and it's a once in a lifetime experience so do not throw it away by not taking school seriously.


The advice that I would give my high school self would be to go straight to college after graduating high school and not take a semester or two off before starting college because it is likely that it could take a long time to complete your college goals.


Knowing what I know now and the challenges I would have to face, I would tell my younger self to develop more efficient study methods. Throughout school I never had to study; material covered was easy for me. I was proud of my straight A's. However, a tragic experience at college set me back, and I would never be able to learn the same way again. After numerous concussions, it is not hard to believe that my classroom experience in college was not the same of that in high school. I had difficulty retaining information and demonstrating my understanding. I had to teach myself how to study. I learned really quick that this was not an easy task in college. Nonetheless, I did grow to appreciate what I was learning and the time spent learning the material. I also had a better appreciation for my grades because I actually worked hard to get them. I would not change a thing about my experience because I have learned so much. However, I would tell my high school self to instill a better work ethic and the outcome of the dedication would be worth it all.


If i had the opportunity to talk to myself my senior year I would tell myself to brace and get ready for a whole different level. Being a student-athlete in high school and a student-athlete in college are two extremely different situations. Living in Honaker, VA where students play a total of 28 games if you are lucky enough to make it long in the post season and even play multiple sports because of the shortage of students enrolled in school and keeping up your homework and working part time and volunteering coaching little league softball is no where near the same as it is in college. That playing a 50 game season in Softball, working part-time at American Eagle and keeping up a full course load in College is something more demanding than I would be expecting. To remember my work ethic i had in high school and get ready to increase it because it will be very difficult but it is something that I can do if I keep my determination and focus on the great possibilities i have ahead in my future.


Looking back at my high school self I am proud of my accomplishments academically. While I saw friends slack off the last semester, I worked harder than I ever had to keep my GPA where I wanted it. I see now that in doing so, I sacrificed a lot of friendships and memories. In college, there is so much free time after classes and before sport practices. The weekend sare wide open with oppurtunity to make memories and experience new things. I would tell me high school self to continue to strive for greatness but to also have fun. These are the years I will look back on and be thankful for the friendships and all the happiness they brought me. College life is hectic and the transition wasn't easy but I did it. Knowing how scared I was this time last year, I need to tell myself to relax. Everything would fall into place, as it has. The students were welcoming and


If Icould go back in time in my high school years, I would tell myself to applied for more scholarships. The reason why I would go back and tell myself that ,because I was not educated enough about how much schools and books were in college. Another thing I would tell myself be who you are. One thing Idid learn in college was being myself ,I made alot of new friends that way. So these are just some of the things I would tell myself if Iwas going back in time.


If i could go back in time I would tell my self, three very important concepts about how to just get through a day at bluefield. My first concept would be to always come prepared for the feelings of being overwhelmed, nervous,and excited all at one time, because thats how your going to feel the very second you walk through those doors to orientation. Second I would tell myself that staying up all night is not going to work, unless it is for studying.With that being said i would tell myself that along with homework there comes alot of studying but you have alot of free time also. Along with those three concepts I would say, have fun and stay focused on your dreams because it only gets harder.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would say in plain words get off your butt and work harder. I notice that when I enter my freshman year of college I had to get off my baby status and grow up. Their times where I wanted to go home because I had to do things on my own and I did not have my parents to do it for me. I learn the hard way and made many mistakes that affect me in a big way. Growing up as the baby in the family I had everything given to me or done for me and I always was told that you must get independent and grow up , but I never listen. There were times where I had to take care of stuff on my own but it would make me mad and I would throw fits . I was a young selfish little boy entering college , but after a few weeks on my own I grew up quick and became responsible. There is no room in the real world to be a baby, you must step up or shut up.


If only I cold actually do this how helpful it would have been! Im dont know everything yet but with the knowledge I have now I would tell my senior self to save all my money. I would tell myself how important it is to be financially stable when heading off to college as a starving student. I would tell myself that it is so helpful to have money to back you up. I would tell myself not to slack off in my classes and to continue to excel academically and to learn as much as possible. I would also tell myself to hold on to my big dreams and to not let anyone break me down or tell me i can't do it. I would tell myself that it is possible and that I can dream big!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, a few things would be different. I completed two years of college and then started working in my field taking a year off. Now, six years later, I have returned to finish my degree. Looking back now that I am older I see what could have been different and how I could have been more successful those first few years. I would tell myself to take more time for homework and studying. I would say, "Do not socialize as much!" Those friends are important and I keep in touch with them to this day, but they will still be there when you're finished studying. I would also say be more responsible in time management. Do not put things off until the last minute. Plan a schedule of the work you have to finish and stick to that schedule to make sure things are finished in time!


If you get accepted to a college that is close to home then commute to school. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and keep you from acquiring too much debt. Having a social life while at college is fine, but remember where your priorities are and what you're spending all this money on to begin with. Joining a study group is a smarter way to make friends than partying every night. Remain focused on your course work and don't get side tracked by all the distractions around you and you'll do great. Take advantage of all the resources the school is willing to provide you with, some turn out to be a great help if you're having trouble with an assignment or course. If the school offers any internships in fields that interest you, jump on the opportunity. Experience can be just as valuable as a degree when you start applying for jobs. Most importantly, enjoy yourself at college for there is nothing more exciting than the pursuit of higher education and self-improvement.


In high school, athletics was the headliner for me. During fall, all I could think about was those friday night lights and in the winter, scoring those goals to lift my team to a championship year. But when spring of my senior came around, allI could think about was graduating. Not, what my plan was for the future, not where I truly wanted to spend the next 4 years of my life, but just getting the hell out of highschool. But now, I look back, and I laugh at how foolish I was. Life is not about waiting and thinking about leaving a place; no, life is about wanting and living in the moment, truly preparing for what will come next. So, as I sitresponding to this question, the advice I would give myself and any other seniro in highschool I come accross is simple; savor the moment.


I would have to tell myself to become more independent. Going in to college is a hard transaction. You are going away from home and you don't have your parents there to make sure you get all your homework done, get you fed, make sure your room is clean, and make sure that you have all the necessities that you need. You are on your own. Being independent when coming to college will lift some weight off your shoulders because you already know how to take care of yourself. I, however, didn't know how to take care of myself. To be honest, my parents did almost everything for me. Moving 3 hours away seemed cool, until reality hit me that I was on my own. It took me the entire school year to adjust to the new setting. If I had prepared myself, I think I would have been less stressed with school.


I would tell myself to enjoy the simple things. Like not having to pay for school, and homework and test reviews. But also I would have made myself take a college level course just to get the feel of it. It is very different from high school, and if you don't put the time and effort into it you don't get the grade you are looking for. Also, stay focused, its hard but life will be better.


If I had the change to go back to high school and give myself advice about college, I would apply to more colleges and look into going to a college that I would be happy about. I would tell my high school self that being a commuter is awful and you hardly make any friends. Also, I would make sure that I would apply for all the scholarships I could since some colleges increase their tuition each year.


College taught me that every person has a passion, and every person should have the opportunity to discover and pursue their passion wherever it may take them. I learned my true passion in college. I knew I wanted to help people, but I did not know how. College exposed me to different subjects and interests, allowing me to explore several fields in my quest to discover where my future lay. Without that experience , I would not have had the chance to find what I truly enjoy, and the field where I want to spend my career. Now I know what I want--I want to show others our past, and how it affects us today. I truly believe that unless you know where you came from, you cannot know where you are, nor where you are going. I plan to show others our past by pursuing a Master's in US History and a certification in Museum Studies, so I can share our history and hopefully inspire others to discover what is great in each of them. I learned all this from college, and hope to have the opportunity to learn even more during my continuing graduate studies.


In my college experience so far I have learned that if your there to learn then you’re going to learn but if you’re going to play, you’re going to do exactly that. You have to keep your motivation and know that you’re in college to further your education in that certain field that you have talent in. It’s also easy to lose your motivation in going to class. This is your first year being on your own so you have no one telling you what to do. You could easily sleep in or lose track of time hanging out with friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wife, etc. it’s up to you to keep yourself goin to class and keeping your studies and grades up. Attending college has been valuable to me because it has allowed me to find the right major that fits what I want to do. I am to figure out what classes I really need and want to take in order to pursue my degree. Attending college is allowing me to get a degree a long with a good job for the future.


I've gotten opportunites to volunteer in the community that I didn't have before. Bluefield is excellent at opening doors for its students to grow in character as well as intellect. If you're up for the challenge of building that character and learning the joy of service then Bluefield does all the rest. I can tell that my teachers want me to succeed in all aspects of life, and to enjoy my college years as much as possible. They really care about the student body and want the best for all of us.


I’ve been in college for two years now, and I’ve learned so many valuable lessons. In college it is so important to be responsible for yourself and maintain a calendar or planner to keep myself well organized, and focused for my future. College is all about independence and freedom. But, with this freedom, responsibility is vital. I noticed how significant it is for me, to be on top of all my papers for my classes as well as my financial papers in college. This has been vital for me because not only am I responsible and organized in college, these principles are helping me through my personal life and in my job. College helps me prepare for my future career and my life as well. The more I study and education I receive the more I see myself in a better place and happier place in my future. The way I manage my life now in college has lead me to success, and I know if I keep up my responsibilities and organizational skills, I will be successful in college and in my future career.


I have been blessed in my life to be able to attend a christian college that welcomed me with open arms and never turned its back on me or any other students walking on its campus. I was given the wonderful chance to learn what I wanted and was encouraged to always do what I loved and do my best at it. I came to Bluefield College with a prayer and many insecurities and now I have grown into a confident believer with an extraordinarily Bright future. With my education, my best friend, my sorority sisters and my boyfriend at my side, I have all I've ever wanted and more. The experience that I have acquired in my time at Bluefield has been completely irreplaceable and I look forward to what lies ahead.


Study hard in school to make the best grade. Take as many college classes you can before you finish high school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the main thing I would tell myself is be more active in school sponsored activities, such a Student Union Board or on campus ministries. When I was in high school I only played sports and didn't participate in school leadership which then resulted in a lack of met scholarship requirements. I also would tell other students to participate in other things besides sports because it makes a big difference once your a senior.


Throughout my college career, I have learned that nothing is more important than loving God and loving the people that He has created. I simply wish that I had known this during my time in high school. I am very grateful for each phase of life; however, I believe that I could have made a more positive impact on my peers, had I only known how to best love each of them. I want to live in a way that, should anyone ever tell me that I had only a short time to live, I would not have to change a thing; this includes how effectively I love other people.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition I would advice myself to well prepare myself before going to college. I would focuse on my studies, study very hard, and manage my time wisely. I would not study just to pass the test only but I would study hard to pass the test and get better grades.


Try to make friends first before dating. Also, be aware that having a roommate means there is no way to escape them. Make sure it's someone you know you can get along and/or compromise with. If you're too different, you'll do nothing but bicker for 10 months, which is miserable. Don't take on too many extra activities, and focus on work. The library is the best place to focus, since a dorm is more relaxed.


Don't try to make a boyfriend right away. Friends first.


Whatever you do, try your best. Also, shoot for the stars, dont second guess yourself and try new things.


The college you pick should be your choice. Not your friends choice or your parents. It is about you and your education so pick the one that is best for you. While attending college you will be exposed to many different things. Take this opportunity to soak it all in. Make new friends, be open to new ideas, have fun but be sure to maintain a steady balance between your social life and your studies.


Live on campus, get involved and apply for multiple scholarships.


Try to find a college that you could seriously see yourself attendinf for four years. Try to realize that big schools are not always the best choice because of their name. Find a school that has your major and other clubs and activities suited for your liking, Also have a plan for the future even though it may not be a clear one. New college students have to also keep in mind that there is more down town than they may have realized. Time management is key and students should plan accordingly especially if they are athletes because it is so easy to fall behind. College is the time to get ready for the ral world, and when choosing a school, students should choose a school where they are happy, comfortable, academicaly prepared, socially stable, affordable, not too far from home but far enough to establish some independence, and one that will help you find your dream job.


make sure you ask questions and make sure your child asks questions


I would sit down with your son or daughter and help them get to know themselves. The hardest thing that a freshman in college has to do, is to figure out who they are, and what they want to do with their lives. As a freshman, I did not have the slightest idea where I was headed in life until I took a class that allowed me to read a book entitled Discover Who you Are, which showed me my personality, spiritual gifts, talents, desires, likes, and dislikes. Help guide your son or daughter. Invest time into helping them learn what really turns them on to living. Give them the key to unlocking happiness!


I would advice future college students to master quickly time managment. There is lots to do at college, even on a small campus, but in order not to be overwhelmed by homework, assignments, and papers, one must learn to balance work and play. If you are feeling stressed, take a break. It helps to make plans with your friends to do something fun one or two nights a week--just make sure you get all your homework done before that night of relaxation or it will pile up and cause you more stress then necessary when you try to get it all done at the last minute. Secondly, I would advise during the first two semesters, depending how home sick you get, surround yourself with many friends and don't be afraid to write or call home everynight. Homesickness will get better, but if you clam up and don't tell anyone that you miss home, then you'll get depressed. Make sure your friends know how much you miss home--chances are, they miss home just as much or know where you're coming from. And just remember, your family back home loves and misses you just as much!


It is imperative that a student go and visit the campuses they are interested in attending school at. Research as much as possible and find out what that school has to offer. Academically, extracurricularly, spiritually, etc. In every area of life. The years that you will spend at college are the years that will shape you for the remainder of your life. And you'll be challenged to grow up, FAST! So, make sure you're well prepared before you dive into the pool of higher-education. When in college, make friends. These are the people that will be a friend for life. and be wise about the friends you choose. They will shape you and sharpen you. "This is the beginning of the rest of your life..."


Make sure you are choosing a college that is in a location that you enjoy. You need to find out what kind of activities the college offers, on and off campus. Obviously, make sure it has your intended major/minor. If you are an upcoming freshman, find out if you are allowed to have a car on campus. If you are driving from home, make sure they have an affective e-mailing system to notify you if classes are cancelled because of weather or an unexpected emergency.