Boise State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Money, money, money...I wish I would have been told a bit about this factor of school! Wowza, it's ridiculous how much college actually costs, I mean, yes, we've been told out entire life about the expenses, but as soon as you get there it's even more stupid than it sounded when you weren't there. Apply for scholarships EARLY. DO NOT wait and rely on FAFSA because you WILL NOT get enough money, I promise.


A lot of professors teach opinion, not fact. A lot of classes are also this way. Also wish I knew I didn't like chemistry and started my college career aimed at computer science.


Before going to Boise State I was nervous, as I imagine and know many of the other students were too. The one thing that I wish I would have known before is that nobody else knew what they were doing either. That same awkward embarrassment students (including myself) often think everyone else knows what is going a lot more than them, creating a social anxiety. If I would have been able to see at that point in time that none of that matters, and that it was al high school junk filtering out entirely, BSU would have been even better.


That even though you'll enjoy it, you'll end up loosing almost everything.


I wish that I would have known more about the professors at this University before I registered.


It would of been great to have known how high school preparation differs from that, that is expected from you in a University level. The classes were highly surprising, yet more easy going than expected. An English class taught in high school had no similarities to that, that was taught at Boise State.


One thing I wish I would of know is how big Boise State and just Boise in general really is. I have found that it is not what I thought it would be. I also wish I would of done more research about the dorm that I live in. They are loud and it is hard to get things done living there.


How awesome it would be.


The option to enroll in summer school immediately after high school graduation.


I wish I knew school wasn't going to be as hard and big and scary as I always thought. It's definitely much more work, but not necessarily hard. I wish I'd saved more money and tried to work more hours the summer before my freshman year so my savings account wouldn't have ran dry so quickly after books and tuition. If I'd known how easy it was to make friends I wouldn't have been so worried about it before I got to college.


I really wish I had recognized the importance of out-of-class study time. I never had to study in high school, and I did just fine, but college is a completely different ballgame. Boise State has a great, friendly campus. If you jump in, you'll make friends quickly, and there will always be things to do.


I wish I would have been better prepared with study techniques and test taking skills. I stuggled immensely my first year because of lack of preparation in these areas.

Christine Joy

I wish that I knew more people that came to this school because I would be more social but just being the shy person I am, it's really difficult for me to meet new people. I wouldn't always be stuck in my room doing nothing all day, especially on the weekends because it's really boring and lonely. Furthermore, if I knew more people before I came up to Boise, I would be able to go snowboarding, shopping and raodtrips without it being any awkward. I got off to a slow start, LAME!


The programs and majors they offer, the qualities of their proffesors.


The unnecessary stress that many people talk about and say your going to have one you get into college. Such as the stress of exams or study habits that you "Should" have.


I wish I had known more about time management before I atteneded college.


I wish I had known how to study for the exams. My first exams were real tough just because I did not know the difference between studying for my finals in high school and the finals at BSU. Besides the studying aspect, the rest was quite close to what the website informed me of. The population was not too large and the spirit was huge. The dorm life was as it said, and the Honors college was very helpful with the rest.


That there are other schools that I could attend instead of bsu. I am thinking of attending stevens henager college. they have a great associate of occupational studies


I wish I would have known how much my life would change for the better. College, for me, is a liberation factor in my life and if I would have known how much I was going to love this independence I would have moved even farther away from my home town. Being a brand new person in a world that is what you make it would have inspired me so much more during highschool. Now I know that this time of my life is truly the best.


I wish I had known that high school really is not as dramatic and challenging as I thought it was at the time. I wish I had not taken myself so seriously, and just learned to laugh at the silly insignificant things. I wish I had known how many decisions about my future were going to hit me all at once, so that I could have properly prepared to make those decisions. It can be extremely overwhelming worrying about finances.


I wish I would have taken more concurrent credit courses in high school. I transferred in 10 credits and I probably could have done more, but was not too motivated in high school. Now that I am in college and have to attend classes, work part-time and have somewhat of a social life, it is hard to balance everything. Having the concurrent credits on board would allow you to take a lighter load your first year of college so you could have a successful transition to college life.


I wish I had known how easy it is to meet people in college and that the bonds you will share with them are incredibly strong.


I wish that I had known that I might have had to work very hard to get recognized for my academic excellence. I also wish that I had known that this University was big and that I would be living off campus due to the amount of money that the University cost. I also wished that I had known how hard it would be to pay for tuition and other expenses at the University. I just hope to be able to continue on with my education to earn my PHD as a lawyer.


College of Western Idaho is where I go not BSU. I have just started and so far I am happy with the outcome.


I wish I would've known to listen to all my high school teachers who told me that you really do have to study. All through high school, I was a straight A student and never studied. My first semester in college proved that I needed to spend a lot of time studying and reviewing and keeping up with the class.


A little more about football


There is nothing really I wish I would have known before coming to this school. Between growing up in a community 50 miles from the university and the great website they have, I had plenty of knowledge before entering this school.


I wish I would have known more about the degress offered here. I switched my major once I found the right one that fit with what I want to do. However, I had to see a few different advisors to get there. Now, that I am working toward the degree that I choose, I am very happy with my choice.


How to spend money efficiently.


I wish that I had know how different life would be in college. No matter how many people tell you that life will be different, we very rarely listen to thme. However, I think that if it had been said more, and I had know the degree of difference, I would have been better prepared for college. It is a big change. Nothing will be the same as in high school. You have to budget your own time, and can only rely on yourself to accomplish your dreams.


I wish I had known how difficult the first two weeks were going to be since I didn't know anyone. When I got here I didn't know anyone, which made the transition harder. It would have been much easier if I had known some people from my dorm.


I wish I would have known to work a litte harder in highschool so that I could have started off with harder classes, or even a better school to go too besides this one. I also wished I knew they were raising their tuitions cost more as well, cause that makes is really hard too go full time.


I wish I had known more about the programs that are offered. Whether they focus on group work or individual work as well as which programs are considered the best that the school offers and which program has the best professors.


My biggest difficulty this first semester of college was knowing how to organize my time and prioritize everything, and I wish I had thought this through more thoroughly at the beginning of the year. It would have made things go so much more smoothly! It is true what people say about college: you can only pick two of three things- sleeping, studying, or socializing. People should also know that you can switch which two things you pick on a day to day basis in order to balance everything out more.


I wish I had finished school before now. Instead I became a wife, mother, caregiver and provider for other people placing my education last. I had finished raising my children when I got a divorce after twenty-three years. I decided that it was my turn to go to college and estabilish a career. I wish I had known that I wanted to be a teacher before now. I feel like I set an excellent example for my children by showing them that it is never to late to go to school.


I wish I knew the way the classes worked. It was really hard to adjust to having a lot of people in one class and only one teacher.


I wish I looked into it sooner. I was very suprised to find the support I needed to return to school after a 15 year break. I was very nervous and anxious to return to school as a 33 year old mother of two. I was very suprised to see students of all ages and races. I was felt very welcomed by both students and professors. I wish I had known the support was there, so I did not hesitate so long.


Nothing really. I grew up around the area so I knew where I was going and who I am. My high school prepared me for the transistion for the college life.


Before attending Boise State University, I wish I had known what a difference being proactive about school could make. If I had known that having better grades, completing scholarship, and finicial aide applications on time, and getting ahead of the game in general, would make such a significant difference, I wouldn't have missed out on all the great opportunities that comes with that proactivity. Proactive is always better than reactive. Now, I feel as if I have to work twice as hard just to catch up.


How great it would be to live on campus.


I wish I had known how important it was to go to school before I was 37. I will now graduate the same month I turn 41 and hope that my education will pay off. Maybe taking a few years off, then attending college would have been the ideal way for me to go. It is important to discover yourself, which has most definitely helped with my GPA now, but most of all I wish I had realized how necessary it was for me to attend college in my early 20s instead of my late 30s. I love it though.


I knew pretty much everything about BSU before I attended it because it is in my hometown. It is a great school and everyone is helpful and friendly to eachother.


how to get around better


I have not yet attended this school. Spring 2010 will be my first experience with this school.


I wish i had known that you need to be a lot more self motivated in college. The teachers aren't going to remind you to turn your work in or ask you about missing assignments. It's all up to you to keep yourself in line.


Before I had come to this school, I wish I would have known about some of the professors. Some are outright amazing, while others lack the skill and patience it takes to teach a successful class of college students. Things are played by their rules, and this was not something I was used to. I wish I had made a more informed decision when chosing professors, because they could make, or break, my college career.


I wish I had known how to be more focused on my goal. I knew what I wanted but I spent too much time taking classes that weren't related to my major that I lost track and it took me 7 years to get a 4 year degree.; it ended up not being the one I set out to get. I don't regret any of the classes I took but I do wish that I had had the ability to stay focused. I'm now going back to school to fully finish what I set out to do.


I wish I had made some more research on how to complete my degree in four years. I missed the first deadline to sign up for classes my freshman year which has pushed my graduation date one semester forward. I also wish I had met with the advisor at the very beggining of the school.


That it would be difficult. That it would be up to me to plan a lot of my classes, that I would have to be responsible for my own well-being. That the campus is huge, and if you don't take initiative for your learning, you will get lost in the shuffle.


I wish somebody would have described the typical week of a college student, and their needs while in scool. It would have helped me prepare better.