Brandeis University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Many people complain about Brandeis's reputation for being "socially awkward" or just straight up ugly. I am not going to debate the validity of these statements, I mean, some stereotypes exist based off of multiple examples. However, I have noticed that Brandeis's apparent lack of care towards any sort of label creates an extremely welcoming environment where almost anyone is accepted for who they are. No, some people don't always see eye-to-eye, but I feel as if on our campus we at least are open-minded enough to make the effort to bridge our differences.


I probably brag most about the types of classes offered at Brandeis and the tremendous privilege I have receieved by being able to attend the University.


The faulty and undergraduate student advisees create an atmosphere at Brandeis that I have yet to find in other schools. Their dedication to teaching the material in a manner that all students can learn requires them to often hold office hours for several days a week and to respond to emails in a very timely matter. Regardless of these responsibilities, they always inspire their students to genuinely and willingly understand and analyze what they have been taught. They develop relations with their students that extend outside of the textbook by making connections to the future and real life situations.


When I come home from school for breaks and the holidays, I love telling my friends about all of the different places in the world that the people from my school hail from. I have friends from Pakistan, who until coming to Brandeis, had never seen snow. Some of my closest friends are from France and India, who tell me about how life back home is so different from life in America. A lot of the kids in my hall are from China and Israel and with them they have brought their traditions, which i have truly enjoyed learning about.


I brag about the diversity of the campus, especially how 50% of the students who attend Brandeis are international.


Great teachers. Great reputation. Great food. Very comfy.


Sense of community, accomplishments of alumni, professors, and fellow students, as well as opportunities available.


Having seen 2 U.S. presidents in one year, insanit y of Student Union...


Great Theatre program. Nice people. Close to Boston. Really Liberal and Jewish.