Brandeis University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If a individual is not very personally driven and is not willing to open their mind and schedule to experience the wide variety of choices, opinions and people thet exist here, then this camous would not be the best choice for them.


Someone who is lazy and wants to go to school to party should not attend Brandeis. This University requires work and a drive to accomplish, analyze, and study.


The only reason a person should not come to Brandeis, is if they are very close-minded and uninterested in growing as a human being while in college. There is so much to gain just from opening one's mind to new possibilities and people with different stories to tell. If somebody is not prepared for that, then they should not come to Brandeis.


Brandeis Univeristy isn't the type of place where a certain group of people shouldn't come but more a place that is accepting of all. the only requirement is to keep your grades up and work hard. Making friends is super easy and even getting assistance for work is easy to find.


Preppy people or people who are not open to many different kinds of people. Brandeis people are somewhat unusual, so students here must be open.


A person who is unmotivated, anti-semitic, or who dislikes cold weather should not attend Brandeis.


Someone who doesn't appreciate a diverse campus.


a football player who wants to go professional; a binge drinker who wants a party with alcohol every night on campus; a person who does not like diversity; a person who likes a huge class/campus; a person who wants to be in the middle of a huge city


I believe that everyone can do well at a school. But someone that wouldn't enjoy Brandeis University would probably be unopen to different races and religions. There is a lot of diversity and one needs to be willing to accept everyone. A person who expected teachers to come to them won't have it easy here, it is critical to make your own impression. Your college experience is what you make it to be. If you aren't serious about your future, getting to know others, and getting to know yourself then this school isn't for you.


People who are looking to party and are not academically focused should not attend this school. This University is for dedicated, enthusiastic, students who have a particular interest in social justice, diversity, environmental sustainability, and more.


Brandeis is a cross between a laid-back party school and a challenging study school. We have found the happy medium between the two sides of the spectrum, a school with both many social opportunities and a challenging curriculum. Because of this, Brandeis welcomes a large variety of people. Despite this, those who are undetermined and unwilling to learn have no place on this campus. People who lack the discipline to separate work from play will have a hard time at Brandeis unfortunately.


Party-goers, slackers, druggies and people with antisocial tendencies will find themselves a minority at Brandeis. Your average student is an overachiever, interested in many fields, uses drugs sparingly, socially, or not at all, and is a friendly, happy person. If someone prefers to keep to him or herself and doesn't want any sort of contact, Brandeis is not for that person.


Someone who is not appreciative of other people's religions. Brandeis is a predominantly Jewish school.


A person who is passionate about sports should definitely not attend this school. Due to the absence of many of the core varsity teams of American colleges, it so happens that there is also a lack of school spirit. This means that a majority of the students at Brandeis come solely due to their attraction to the academics the university has to offer. Therefore, it is not a school for the jocks nor the students who are looking to party intensely in college. Although Brandeis has Greek life, it is not as lively as in average American colleges.


Anyone who is looking for a great social atmosphere or Greek system even, and doesn't really care so much about the character of the academic environment should not attend this school.


Someone who wants a school with a lot of "Greek Life."


Anyone who isn't interested in furthering their interests in clubs, groups, etc. Nobody who doesn't want to work hard should come here either.


Stupid, intollerant people


anyone interested in attending large sporting events or partying. anyone who is interested in doing "just enough" to get by, anyone not interested in working and learning outside the classroom


someone who is very interested in partying, who doesn't want to attend classes and take them seriously, serious atheletes


A person who is not open to new ideas.


A party person. a person who doesn't take school seriously. People are here to learn and explore. Also closed-minded people don't belong at Brandies.


Bible Belt Catholic Conservative. Unfocused. Never goes to class. Loser.