Bridgewater College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The people. Everyone will tell you, everyone at this college is great. We all love it here and we're so supportive of each other.


I absolutely love the fact that the class sizes are so small; there are normall under 30 in one lecture. The professors know all of their students on a first name basis and genuinely care about each and every student's success in their class. The small size of the student body also makes the college have a small town feel; seeing my professors around campus and being able to stop and chat for a moment with them makes all the difference in the whole college learning experience.


Bridgewater college is a small campus with alot to do. You meet new people every day and the campus is beautiful. It's only a 10 minute drive from jmu so if you're looking for some fun on the weekend you just grap a group of people and head on out. Bridgewater College is a place where you become really close to your peers and teachers and it's a happy place to be.


Mostly the activities. Football and basketball games are incredible (mostly because I'm in pep band and Nininger Nuts). The best, though, is Campus Crusade for Christ, Those meetings are always the highlight of my week and helps me grow so much in the Lord, along with providing me with wonderful friends. All I can say is that college is just plain incredible! I also brag about the labs for my science classes, which include fish shocking, owl capturing, and more. I just love it all! Plus the Disney Club is incredible. Did I mention the college's incredible?


Probably that it is so small. It's easier to make and keep friends, you don't feel like another number on campus. You walk by and usually see a familiar face.


The long vacations and long breaks we have compared to other schools and we get out really early in May.


We can bring our cars on campus. The campus is always clean. People drink A LOT! The classes are pretty small. I usually get the classes I want.


i brag that it is a beautiful school, no Greeks to get you distracted. there is a huge university near by if that is the person's thing, to party. Bridgewater is a dry campus so there is no drinking. Bridgewater is small enough that you build up a relationship with your professors instead of not knowing your teachers and dealing with TA's/.