Bridgewater College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Students are required to reside on campus for the entirity of their time at Bridgewater. Often, there are alternative housing opportunities that present themselves off campus that would also be much cheaper than paying for Room and Board at the college, but we are prohibited from residing off campus (excluding those who qualify to be a commuter). Also, the meal plan is non-negotiable. By this, I mean that when you sign up for housing, the meal plan comes with it as one lump bill, and separation of these is impossible, even if you are under potential financial stress.


I feel one of the negative aspects of the school is that they don't really consider their commuter students when setting up online programs that are used on campus but can not be used off campus. It's very frustrating for many commuters and causes issues when commuters have to drive to the campus just to use a computer program for a few things.


Having to take PDP - the personal development portfolio that documents your growth and development in four areas throughout your four years. Every year you have to have a meeting with your PDP professor and write a brief paper on the areas of growth - the killer is PDP 450 in senior year when you write a massive paper on your experiences and growth through your time at Bridgewater.


How expensive it is!


While the campus is small enough that cars are not needed, the nearest major stores are not within waling distance. This means having to do more planning with those around to figure out times to car pool to the store and such.


I would consider the food to be the worst. It's not bad, but it could be a lot better. Also, the homework load is rediculous.


The worse thing abour Bridgewater is the lack of diversity and the ignorance on the part of those who have not come from culturally and racially diverse backgrounds. There is no outright racism or anything like that, but ut us very obvious that some people have had limited interaction with people who are not like them.